Gallery: Kenneth Schmitt ~ The Necessary Ingredients for Creative Living

Kenneth Schmitt ~ The Necessary Ingredients for Creative Living

April 11, 2022 by 

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April 10, 2022,

Most of humanity believes that what we experience through our senses is real, and that our real creative power is what we do physically in the world. This ignores what we know from quantum physics and spiritual teachings. The empirical world is our conscious interpretation of energy patterns that we recognize and make real for our selves as a result of our telepathic alignment with human consciousness.

We can project ourselves into any social situations that we desire. It requires our alignment with the same quality of vibrations that we desire. We have the power of our imagination and intention to direct our vibration to whatever level we pay attention to. Our subconscious innate being has a strong influence on our experiences, and we must communicate with this part of ourselves with love and gratitude. This is the level of resonance where alignment with our innate being is possible without limitations.

Because everything is electromagnetic energy patterns held in empirical manifestation for us by our consciousness, we can change those patterns by our intentional alignment with our natural energetics, which we know by how we feel most fulfilled, most compassionate and joyful. Once we know with confidence in out intuition that in our true Being we are our eternal present awareness, with unlimited creative power and ability, we have transcended belief of the ego and are free to expand our awareness into universal consciousness.

In our current experience as humans on this planet, we must participate in a matrix of duality, but we are not limited to this level of consciousness. We have the ability to transcend duality by alignment with positive, high vibrations. We can shift our consciousness out of the realm of doubt and fear and into the realm of love and confidence. We don’t have to change anything in our lives, unless we want to, and we are constantly guided intuitively when we are aligned with the energy of our heart. It is strong and unconditionally loving, and it can guide us to everything our heart desires.


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