Gallery: Athena: Learn How to Ground and to Clear Your Energy Field

Athena: Learn How to Ground and to Clear Your Energy Field

April 7, 2022 by 

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by Sharon Stewart

Lesson 6: Learn How to Ground and to Clear Your Energy Field

This is important, loved ones. Why? Because the energetic charge you are experiencing will colour your interpretation of the energy around you. Also if you are carrying a negative charge, you will create negative circumstances for yourself and these should be used as a warning to you that your vibration is too low, and if you are negatively charged you will connect with other negatively charged people. Presumably, you don’t want that.

The best position to come from when sensing energy is a positive position. That way you can feel when someone or some thing is lowering your energy and can protect yourself by cutting off their feed. This is called cord cutting. But that’s another lesson

This Week’s Lesson: Learn how to ground and clear your energy field by practicing this video.

Another to try is Layne Redmond’s chakra alignment meditation.

​​- Athena


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