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This is What It Took

April 6, 2022 by 

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Conciliar government in fabled King Arthur’s time: Knights of the Roundtable

I said recently:

“My nerves are shot from walking a line between the events of the world and the spiritual journey. …

“I haven’t been able to unite the two. They remain separate and each has its own demands.”

Well, for heaven’s sake, what would it look like to combine the two?

It would mean that the primary maxim of the law might be, “What would love say?”

I talked recently about being squeaky clean. A spiritual approach to politics would require all political figures to be squeaky clean.

The conscience would be the judge. Following the voice of one’s conscience would be a matter studied in political science.

Political philosophy would teach such subjects as fairness and compassion. Communication skills would be emphasized.

Familiarity with the universal laws would be encouraged.  The wisdom from terrestrial sages and ascended masters and celestials would be tapped.

I personally favor conciliar government over parliaments and congresses.  But conciliar government at many and all levels.  The press covering them would be committed to the truth at all costs, while observing basic decency in reporting.

Once we’re ascended, we’ll need much fewer rules and regulations. The all-satisfying love we’ll be immersed in then will make harm and evil a thing of the past, a distant memory before long.

The old has become so unbearable that it’s pushing me to begin envisioning the new.   This is what it took.


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