Gallery: Ivo of Vega: The Powerlessness of Intellect

Ivo of Vega: The Powerlessness of Intellect

April 6, 2022 by 

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by Sharon Stewart

Me: Folks, Ivo and I have shown you over and over again that our intellectual minds are the weakest part of our human system.  If you’re going on just your intellect, it’s like trying to walk on your heels. You need to use the whole foot!

Our minds are not free. We’re only in the process of beginning to free them now!

When you think of it, that untruth we were told about many men hauling stones together to assemble the pyramids is just one of the lies that was told to us by experts who are laughing at us behind our backs! This is another thing to consider, folks and that is that they tell us these lies and then laugh at the way we believe them.

Read St Germain’s books written by Godfrey Ray King if you really want to get a glimpse into these ancient societies and how magnificent they were, and why they were destroyed.

Ivo: You had a good point, my love.

Me: They’re all pretty good, Ivo.

Ivo: You said, “They have put earthlings through a dumbing down process which started thousands of years ago, by genetically altering our DNA and restructuring our bodies to work against the thing they were created to do – to ascend. And then they took away the information that humanity needed in order to understand fully who it is and how to utilize the earth while still keeping it in balance. We knew all that back then.

The negative controllers came at the right time – after the failure of yet another of these great civilizations and the re-set of humanity, which has happened several times already. The end times that we’re in now is another of these re-sets, only this time we’re going to advance our civilization, not start from rock bottom again.” To which I interjected, “And you see now that as humanity advances, it is because it begins to connect with its intuition again.”

Me: Yes, true.

Ivo: That is the only way to advance humanity – in its wholeness. Unless a human is wholly functional, they are extremely disabled. And that is why you cannot listen to those who try to position themselves as knowledgeable about these ancient civilizations – because they are not utilizing their intuition or in some cases they are working to continue to dumb down the people.

You may not have any idea just how fervently they work at keeping you down. They have been working very hard, employing many so-called experts who are nothing of the sort. They have been telling them what they can and cannot say to the public. They may have knowledge of a particular subject, such as space travel, but for your people it has been based on mechanics, which is the slowest means of traveling anywhere never mind in space.


Ivo: We employ the unified field, which is knowledge that is being suppressed, to fly our ships. Our ships are also conscious and we telepathically interface with them in order to fly them. This would not be possible for someone who does not have telepathic ability, so in this way they have kept the public at large from accessing outer space.

They have worked hard to keep you trapped on the planet, and at their mercy. The secret the Vatican keeps from the people is the pineal gland which is the connection to the higher states of consciousness.

They have given you so many poisons, it is a wonder this gland functions at all, and granted in many it does not. These are homo sapiens, the species of human that will die off. And yes, this species is a hybrid – a hybrid reptilian/human being. You are humanoid, not true humans. The people in antiquity were true humans with undifferentiated DNA – it was truly human.

In fact, you have DNA within you of another species – the reptilian – and so as you seek out your human history, you do not realize there is another history which should be considered – that of the reptilian. This is of course, also being kept from you.

Me: Is our DNA reptilian DNA from the raptors on the planet or just reptilians from outer space?

Ivo: From outer space. So your history at this point in time involves several constellations besides your own.

Me: Yes, never thought of that.

Ivo: How else would they be able to shapeshift if their DNA was not in the human body? They would not. That is the trick the shapeshifter uses – they can shift the DNA to allow one to predominate or the other. At times the human predominates, at other times the reptilian predominates. This indicates mastery over the DNA and extensive knowledge of the body.

Me: I hear sometimes they shift at night while they’re sleeping.

Ivo: Yes, they do.

The long and the short of this message is there is a lot to be told to the people of earth and many reparations to be made. The extent to which you have been lied to will floor many people and they will not be able to believe it. We are preparing many of you with even just the basics, there will be much more that you need to know about your history and how to utilize the earth to stay in balance.

Earth has a long road of recovery ahead of it, but in fact it will be amazing to see how resilient the people are.

Me: Is it correct to assume, Ivo, that many people won’t make it to 5D?

Ivo: There will be many along the way that will not be able to make it, yes. Their souls have not contracted to ascend in this lifetime. As you know, earth was on a reincarnation cycle that did not take the soul’s needs into account. People were recycled at the whim of the malevolent forces working here, so they often did not get rest time, or the chance to work through life lessons, etc. Many were held in the lower fourth against their will and not allowed to reincarnate, in the same way that political prisoners are held in jails against their will. Others had their souls harvested for whatever purpose, either the use of powering their technologies or for the sake of traumatizing and further splitting the soul. In this way they have turned good souls to bad ones.

Me: Yes they tried it with me. Didn’t work. LOL

Ivo: They did. I remember a particular Archangel who came to guard you one night as you were doing heavy grief work.

Me: Yes, that’s why I call him my wing man. I couldn’t tell who this wild looking man was who was standing in my mind’s eye. What did I know then? He had a roman tunic on and laced up sandals, for crying out loud. I said, “Hey buddy, do you mind getting a move on? I’m having a personal moment here.” LOL I told an Archangel to get a move on! It still cracks me up. I love Michael so much. He just stood there, just watching me, and then I saw something move on his shoulder. When I looked more closely, I saw it was a wing. Then I got all excited that an angel was visiting me and I forgot about my grief work. Eventually he faded away. When I told my Catholic friend about this, she told me it was Michael.

Ivo: Yes, he has always been there for you and now you are here for him. He appreciates the devotion and dedication so many of you show to his work. Our group, of course, is published every Sunday with a new task from Michael for the week.

(Resuming the reincarnation conversation) People will now be able to choose when they wish to come in, and many will choose to stay back or to reincarnate on other planets. Now that the lower artificial timeline has been secured, they will be allowed to reincarnate there as well and continue to ascend.

Me: What about the rapture everyone keeps talking about?

Ivo: The rapture is not directed to the people of earth, my love. The rapture refers to the negative entities who are embodied in human flesh right now, the ones who are being removed from the planet. They had planned to create a mass exodus as they believed themselves to be godly, and so they believed they would take over Heaven. The rapture refers to them. They believe they are the Christed ones. They believe they are displaced gods.

What will help the humans of earth, the people, will be the solar flash that so many are waiting for. I ask you why you feel you want to wait for the solar flash. The only people who will go to 5D at the time of the solar flash are the ones who are prepared to go. Not all humans will go. The solar flash will complete the split out of the timelines into separate dimensions, and some will remain in the lower dimensions to finish their ascension work if it is possible.

Understand your bible, hence your religions, carry within them many means with which to circumvent the believer (to confuse the believer, let’s face it – the bible is still being interpreted, isn’t it?). With the religious confused and divided, the negative alliance believes this leaves the spoils to them. There exists the necessity of the creation of this reality through belief, so they have made the human to believe that they will be the benefactors, but as is so often the case, they take the spoils.

Me: So they altered the bible to do the same thing: tell us we’ll ascend but they believe they’ll be ascending and leave us to die. So why are they going through all this business of culling the herd if they think they’re going to ascend and leave us behind?

Ivo: Not all of them believe this, my love. Some do. Some believe they will stay on earth, just as humans have so many different beliefs, so do the non-humans and their human companions. As for killing you all off, remember they believe you are the impure, the heathens, they think they are earning their place in Heaven by killing you all off.

Me: Oh, I see. They believe they’re the gods, so they think the rapture will raise them to heaven, while the rest of us die here on the planet.

Ivo: Correct. They believe their anti-Christ is the real Christ, the Christ of the bible is a false prophet.

Me: I’m going to put up a page on our website about the grand solar flash and the St Germain prosperity funds because I get asked these questions all the time.

Ivo: A nice idea, my love.

Me: Thanks, Ivo.

Ivo: You’re most welcome, my love.

Ivo: I will be with you in heart and spirit, my love.

Sharon:  Check out our new website with many new pages of information. I posted recently about the role of a light warrior with some description but I plan on digging into this more deeply as well later. Aphrodite has come through this month and I’m still to channel Morgana LeFay, my old spirit guide from childhood up to forty. Lots of good stuff.

(edited by permission)

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