Gallery: Introduction” to Ascension and the Golden Age (Download)

Introduction” to Ascension and the Golden Age (Download)

April 3, 2022 by 

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This is a volume in the Golden Age of Gaia Basic Library.

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Len Satov (left) and Steve look at Vancouver “monolith,” Dec. 15, 2020

I first learned about Ascension from my friend Len Satov, whom I met on Aug. 28, 2008 on a drive down to hear Mother Meera in Bellingham, Washington.

We ended up in a traffic jam that extended our trip by about two hours, during the whole of which Len told me about this subject which was … almost utterly new to me.

I say “almost” because there had … well, almost been … a Rapture in 1984, orchestrated by Hilarion. It was postponed for good behavior. That had burned me but it also introduced me to a topic that must have been in the air.

Having been through several failed gurus and now hearing of my second Rapture, I was surprised that I remained open to the subject. I told Len I’d do what I so often do with a new topic: I start an online dictionary of quotations on it and see what it produces.

That website became First Contact at It’s more on Ascension than Disclosure.

I began to see how seekers back in the Twentieth Century were writing about Ascension, only under different names. Zeropoint, stillpoint, new religion, cosmic fire.

I found that “Imperator” was pointing to it even earlier, in the 1870s.

Beinsa Douno was writing about it in the 20s and 30s. Silver Birch was discussing it in the 50s and 60s. Sri Ramana, Franklin Merrell Wolff. One could even say that the desert fathers were writing about it. Many of them were seen in vision, ascending into the clouds. (1)

All along there have been guides to what Ascension was or what was coming. But the subject hasn’t caught the eye of a wary public, on watch for “conspiracy theories” and preposterous fancies.

However, even the chaos that we see around us today (March 2022) is proof that Ascension is occurring. The rising energies are raising to the surface all that we “can’t take with us.”

The mayhem stems from social vasanas or core issues. Just as with an individual vasana, they’re arising to be experienced and let go of. The worst thing to do with a personal vasana is project it in anger onto others. But we in society are doing that with our social vasanas – rioting and looting.

We’re told to expect that the social unrest will be over at some point, a time of decision when some will continue on the path of Ascension and others will find the environment too refined for them and will have to leave.

I’m told that those who choose not to ascend will leave by any available means – Covid, a heart attack, being struck by a bus. That isn’t our choice, but it will have been theirs.

So that as many as possible do have the opportunity to ascend, we produce a literature along ethnographic lines, of experiences on the way to Ascension, what the Divine Mother, the celestials and the galactic and terrestrial ascended masters advise us on all aspects of Ascension.

We hope this literature forms the basis of an ethnography of our planetary Ascension with Gaia. It’s intended to be cross-cultural, intergalactic, and multidimensional in scope.

It won’t fit into a university curriculum until the paradigm of empirical materialism is discarded as too small to describe our intergalactic and multidimensional world. (2)

Having said that, it’s my faith that all else will be sorted out through the loving impact of the rising energies around the planet. These are the agents of Ascension.

My thanks go out to Linda Dillon and the many other channels and mediums who have made this priceless information available to us and have coached us all; to my team at the Golden Age of Gaia – Suzi Maresca, without whom I could not be doing this, Karen Hoffman, Sitara Williamson, Kathleen Mary Willis, and Catherine Viel; Paul, Frani, and Tasha Beckow, my heart support team; Len Satov, who introduced me to all this; D, who does not wish to be named but has helped; and my good friend, Sara, who with all younger lightworkers is waiting in the wings to take over from us older yogis. Any time now, Sara!

May all of us suddenly awaken to find ourselves in an Ocean of Love and know that we’re all ascended.


(1) “Were writing about it.” I don’t mean only writing about Ascension as Ascension, but also speaking about Sahaja Samadhi (as with Sri Ramana), which is the level of enlightenment associated with Ascension.

Balaram Babu, one of the financial supporters of Sri Ramakrishna, was seen ascending with Sri Ramakrishna in a chariot into the clouds by his wife, whose mood changed from grief to jubilation:

“At the last moment, we were seated around [Balaram Bose], while his wife, stricken with unspeakable grief, was in the inner apartment with Golap-ma, Yogin-ma, and others. Just then she noticed something like a piece of black cloud in the sky, which became denser by stages and began to descend. Soon it assumed the shape of a chariot and alighted on the roof of Balaram Babu’s house. The Master came out of that chariot and proceeded towards the room where Balaram Babu lay. 

“Soon after, he issued forth, taking Balaram Babu by the hand, and entered the chariot again, which then ascended and vanished in the sky. This vision raised [Balaram’s wife’s] mind to a very high plane where there could be no touch of grief or sorrow. When she returned to normal she related this to Golap-ma, who came to apprise us of the fact. Balaram Babu had passed away just a little while before.” (Swami Shivananda in Swami Chetananda, They Lived with God. Life Stories of Some Devotees of Sri Ramakrishna. St. Louis: Vedanta Society of St. Louis, 1989. 132-3.)

(2) The belief that only what we can see, hear, taste and touch is real.

Download Ascension and the Golden Age here:

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