Gallery: Solar Flares and Info

Solar Flares and Info

April 2, 2022 by 

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by James Gilliland

Personally I would stay out of the sun for the next few days, find a grounded metal roof to sleep under. While clearing some limbs at ECETI Hawaii and removing trash it felt as if I was getting cooked. Microwaved like some carbon based life form or dinner in a microwave oven.

We have spoken often about the effects of Solar Flares and CMEs. It not only affects radios and communications, creates beautiful Aurora Borealis at the poles, it also creates severe weather, an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity.

One of the greatest effects is with the bioelectric fields around the physical body. Some will become lethargic, others may experience emotional outbursts, there are many physical problems especially with the heart that can also arise. It is best to stay out of the sun, drink lots of water, meditate and use these energies to release the past.

These incoming energies are part of the ascension process that is well underway. Might be a good idea to turn off your TV. Especially the mind control social engineering stations, the lame stream news. I want to end by passing on a little information. Trump was doing what he thought was best for America. Putin is doing what he thinks is beat for Russia. Xi is doing what he thinks is best for China.

Then there are other leaders doing what is best for the global elite.

You will know them by their draconian and tyrannical behavior. Do not be lie ve what the television is telling you. In fact if you completely reverse what they are saying you will have a better picture of what is unfolding. They want to take us into WW3. Those that want to take us there are infiltrated everywhere.

They are the deep states in every country governed by the global elite who own a large number of politicians and leaders throughout the world. Those who pushed the lockdowns, the ineffective masks, and the vaccine mandates are the ones who have been compromised. They do not serve their people or humanity. They serve another God as well at the highest levels are devout Satanic/Luciferians.

This is not a conspiracy, this is not a drill, it is real and unfolding before your very eyes. This is a spiritual war, it crosses dimensions and time, what we are seeing is just the physical counterparts of both sides. There is and always has been help yet we need to initiate it, ask for it, hold a frequency so it can work through us.

These are challenging times.

The good news is Creator Wins.


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