Gallery: Judith Kusel: Cosmic Energy Upgrades

Judith Kusel: Cosmic Energy Upgrades

April 1, 2022 by 

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Judith Kusel

We are stepping in huge and accelerated cosmic energy Upgrades and vastly accelerated ascension processes.

Expect the unexpected.

All will intensify as you span dimensions and suddenly find yourself pushed forward so that you can step into the fullness of your soul’s mission and purpose, as all starts falling into place.

You may suddenly be called to be somewhere else.

You may find you clairvoyance increases.

Information comes to you, and suddenly all is crystal clear.

I was leading a group meditation when suddenly I was surrounded by the galactic and universal masters in such a powerful way, that they were there in their true form, and indeed here, present as I was fully present in the 7th dimensional frequency, at the time. Such has never happened so powerfully ever before!

We are being prepared for even greater and more powerful shifts.

Release the old and let go of the ego.

You are in the new creation.


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