Gallery: Judith Kusel: Solar Flares, Solar Tsunami and Radiation Storms

Judith Kusel: Solar Flares, Solar Tsunami and Radiation Storms

March 30, 2022 by 

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From Judith Kusel via Facebook




March 31st, April 1th

Lot of things just happened all at once.

Sunspot AR2975 erupted on March 28th (1129 UT), producing a major M4-class solar flare.

The blast propelled a ‘solar tsunami’ through the sun’s atmosphere.

This tsunami was ‘radio-active.’ Its rippling leading edge beamed radio waves toward Earth.

Ironically, while the sun was turning itself into a temporary radio beacon, it simultaneously wiped out some radio transmissions on Earth.
A pulse of X-rays from the flare ionized the top of the atmosphere over Africa, causing a shortwave radio blackout.

Energetic protons accelerated by the flare+tsunami are now peppering Earth’s magnetosphere, causing a minor S1-class radiation storm.

Moderately strong G2-class geomagnetic storms are possible on March 31st when a CME is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. During such storms, naked-eye auroras can descend into the USA as far south as, e.g., New York and Idaho (geomagnetic latitude 55o). In fact, the storm might be stronger than predicted.

The source of the CME, active sunspot AR2975, has just sent one or two more CMEs right behind it.
Sunspot AR2975 has been busy.

Since yesterday it has exploded more than 17 times (11 C-class flares + 6 M-class).

The eruptions have hurled at least two, possibly three, CMEs toward Earth.

The first CME (1254 UT) is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field on March 31st.

The second CME (2130 UT) and the potential third CME (2230 UT) are following close behind.

They will likely arrive on April 1st. Their combined impact could spark G2- to G3-class geomagnetic storms.

A solar storm is a powerful phenomenon which has the ability to plunge humans into temporary chaos and altered states of mind.
It can cause satellite troubles, affect mobile phone and GPS signals and cause widespread blackouts.
Furthermore, a solar storm can also affect human health ( We are all electromagnetic beings).

Solar storms emit radiations, exposure to which is harmful to humans who are in space, but on earth providing ascension symptoms and DNA upgrades along with aches and pains and tiredness.

Most experts state that there’s no significant risk to humans on the ground from solar flare.

This is due to the fact that the Earth’s atmosphere acts as a protective shield for living beings, absorbing most of the radiation.
While most suggest that one shouldn’t be concerned much solar storms affecting human health, some are not certain of them being entirely harmless to humans.

As per a US study that explored the link between solar storms and cardiovascular diseases, “Interactions between [geomagnetic disturbances] and the autonomic nervous system are likely to induce a cascade of reactions in the body’s electrophysiology. Functions and health issues in those who have high toxicity in their body and blood stream are more likely. So when new age people said, Eat light, drink lots of water, practice time is over.

Some of you can have strong headache, palpitations, mood swings, and feeling generally spacey!

Use breathing exercises , this is perfect time for meditation, prayers, fasting, ground yourself …

Let us be prepared, as my brother Alexander Quinn – Starseed said: “APRIL WILL BE HUGE! HOLD ON TIGHT”

Send you ALL a lot of Love, compassion and blessings from my Heart
With Love
Lana Adela team and Alexander Quinn


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