Gallery: Celia Finn: This was a Big Flare Today, March 30

Celia Finn: This was a Big Flare Today, March 30

March 30, 2022 by 

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Earth-orbiting satellites have just detected an X1.3-class solar flare (March 30 @ 1737 UT).

The source is active sunspot AR2975–the same sunspot that has already hurled at least two CMEs toward Earth this week.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the flare’s extreme ultraviolet flash: (

I have been expecting an X Class flare for quite a while.

Major energies are moving at the moment.

So many people are feeling exhausted with all the energy fluctuations and changes.

Remember to practice extreme “self care” and stay hydrated.

We are heading into a period of major realignment and consciousness expansion together with the increased transmission of Light Codes.

It is important not to resist but just allow the energies to flow.

We are beginning an important rebirthing process that will culminate at the Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse in May.

Here we go……



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