Gallery: Awareness of Higher Dimensions

Awareness of Higher Dimensions

March 28, 2022 by 

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I was triggered by something Archangel Michael said that I partially quoted yesterday. The full quote is:

Archangel Michael: I remind you that you are a pillar, that you [are] not [to] venture too far ahead of where people are, both individually in terms of your smaller circle but also in terms of the collective. … A very large quotient, shall we say, of you is living … in the higher-dimensional realm.

Then there is a part of you that is in the morass of the chaos [of] the lower-dimensional realm because that’s where the work is. (1)

I don’t believe I’m alone in straddling dimensions. The Divine Mother implies as much here:

“Your Ascension is assured. And each of you are already well within that process. And whether you are acknowledging the shift in realities or not, you are upon a planet, my sentient Gaia, who has anchored herself in the 5th.

“Therefore, whether you are choosing to acknowledge it or not, your being and the ability to access and to expand into that beingness is already primarily anchored in a different dimensional reality.” (2)

That was a general statement made on An Hour with an Angel.


I’m just starting to get a glimmer of the part that is “living … in the higher-dimensional realm.”

Let me use a picture to illustrate how it feels:

Abyss Water Man: Extraterrestrial communication

The graphic shows an intelligent water column, used by extraterrestrials to announce their presence in a non-threatening way to the terrestrials aboard an underwater research station.

Like the water man or like a Slinky, the front part of me is aware and participating in the Third/Fourth Dimension but the back part of me extends, apparently, into higher dimensions. I feel the latter part as a background of a much higher mood level than what I’m feeling in this front part of my being, the part I present to the world, my everyday consciousness.

Slinky spring toy moving down stairs - Stock Image - A400 ...


Except for a very slight degree of background awareness, I’ve been almost totally unaware of the back part.

But now that I am aware of it, I can breathe into it, which usually excites a divine state, if this is what I’m feeling.  Yes, it does draw bliss to me.

Oh, this is pleasant. … The bliss continues.  I rest in it.

How tricky this now becomes.

“Our desire is not to separate you from the collective.” (3)

“I remind you that … you [are] not [to] venture too far ahead of where people are, both individually in terms of your smaller circle but also in terms of the collective.” (4)

To bliss out, to go too much further into it would be to venture too far. There’s a working level of bliss which merely ameliorates everything without seducing the person. I remember working with that between Sept. 28, 2015 and mid-January 2016. (5) That’s what I’ll aim for.

In this divine state, experienced at a “working level,” everything is all right. The circumstances are what they are, but the internal experience is quite OK.

To paraphrase Mike Quinsey, everything I’m experiencing is open to you as a lightworker, liberated in other lifetimes, to experience. I hope that sharing my notes assists you to locate the same regions and faculties in yourself. That’s what they’re meant to do.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 18, 2020.  See “A Longing for Bliss,” March 28, 2022, at, fn 3.

(2) The Divine Mother on An Hour with an Angel, February 4, 2013, at

(3) AAM, ibid., Nov. 11, 2015.

(4) Ibid., Jan. 18, 2020.

(5) Archangel Michael explained what was occurring, probably for all of us:

Archangel Michael: You have experienced progressively, periods of unity, of transformative love, of ecstasy, of bliss that you feel (and I emphasize feel) come and go.

But every time, you have had this experience it has edged you up a level. So that now you say to me, “Michael, I feel like I have a new baseline. I have a new foundation of happiness.”

But you also have a new foundation of knowingness, of understanding, of wisdom, of humility, of tolerance, of kindness. This has all been bringing you to an expanded sense of self and an expanded sense of not only how we operate but how the collective operates. …

So you are seeing what is the residual for humanity to collectively take that, not only that progressive step, but the snap [Sahaja Samadhi, Ascension itself].

Think of how every time you especially enter the transformative love, that is a snap. It is not the full dramatic snap but it is a snap. Each time you are progressing up what you can think of as a level.

Think of [entering] your love as flying back and forth through the portal. Now sometimes you’re aware and sometimes you’re asleep. (“Archangel Michael on Snaps, Expansion, and Ascension,” June 6, 2017, at


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