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Stepping Into the Future

March 24, 2022 by 

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by Digger Barr

I sit in my chair and close my eyes so I can see the world better.

This is the captain’s chair. This is where the exploration of the interdimensional world expands from. I am the captain of my ship and I can guide it to hold steady or to shoot at galactic speed into the vastness of cosmic knowledge.
Today I sit, holding steady and ask for a glimpse of what is.

The scent of neroli wafts into my awareness. The orange blossoms of the table size plant have opened up. The essence is so beautiful. I am very excited about my new plant friend.
My awareness wanders into the spring emergence of the plant world and how this equinox energy stimulates many things.
Where are we going to go with it?
What is next for our planetary unfoldment?

There was a strange scene in my dream last night.
Bathroom stalls each crowded with young adult women standing with their backs against the wall behind the toilets. They were all standing tall and straight with arms at their sides . Their faces were confused, timid and yet expectant. Startled by the first stall filled with eager young faces, I went to the next and then to the next. Each stall filled with young women. I finally caved and just asked, May I use this stall?
This broke the silence and one young woman replied so politely. Then another woman spoke up. The conversation turned to this new fashion design she had in mind and her passion grew as she went on about a leather shoe with intricate design. I know nothing about designer shoes except they don’t work in the garden very well. But that didn’t matter. The whole group seemed to respond just being listened to. And thrilled with the opportunity to express their dreams.

My son is home for spring break. Earlier this week the conversation was about him getting a summer job. I didn’t start the conversation. This was my ex asking me in reference to nepotistic employment. Even though we were standing out in my front yard, my son stood quietly as if his back was against the wall.
My response was to him. Do you want to mow lawns again this year?
His eyes darted back to my ex.
His reply came as honest as he could muster, I don’t want to work at all.
I could not help but Laugh out loud.
Yes, my sweet young son. Neither do I.

This was always the dance between parents isn’t it. Stating what you want and knowing that the answer will be something else.
I took the opportunity to ask,’ what does your heart want?’
We know what has to be done. We all have to work or earn money.
But as a summer job this is an opportunity to try something that sparks your interest. Try it out and see if it fits.
‘You have time’, I told him, ‘to think about what interests you and then explore those options as a summer job. There is no harm in trying something different.’

I think about our young people and the world that they inherit.
I have so much love for them and somehow know that they got this.
They have been through the wringer as have we all been. But they in particular have gotten the harsh end of the deal.
My son also brought to my attention in a candid conversation one day, the fact that he was born one month after 9/11. His world has always been like this.
Such a different perspective.
I love these young people so much.

Today I have a full realization that they are the future. I can put my faith in them.
And they need to be listened to. They have great ideas and are trying to find their place in this transformation.
They don’t have the same understanding as us old “wise ones” .
They can bring in fresh new ideas. And maybe, just maybe they won’t view it as work at all.

From my captain’s chair I see our future as fresh and bright as the blossoming essence from the Orange tree.

I don’t envy the task of parents today. The young ones with the young ones. It has been a harsh go of it.
But all indicators point toward a fresh spring emergence.

The question is, Do we look back and do things as we have always done? or Can we look to our heart and step into the unknown toward something that we really want?

Our young adults are showing us, and they are lined up and ready.
We just need to give them the opportunity to speak from their hearts and not put our old ideas of lack and limitations in their way.
And yet, they may still need our help to do this.

We ARE, afterall, all in this together.



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