Gallery: A Script is Triggered and Where Does It Lead?

A Script is Triggered and Where Does It Lead?

March 24, 2022 by 

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That’s a wrap!

I watched a wandering feeling of loss settle upon me.  And instead of simply allowing it to be there and pass, I decided to get inside it, so to speak, and drive around a while.

I wanted to see what process I go through when I leave off observing a negative feeling and identify with it.

Right away I felt depressed, because loss usually goes along with failure and defeat, right? In my mind, anyways.

Not like I’ve failed or been defeated in anything that I can recall. It was the feeling that mattered. Loss led to depression.

Now, I was really dragged down. I’ve failed completely in my mission, I told myself. There was nothing else to live for. Goodbye, cruel world.

Let’s go to commercial.

The white hats are saying it’s theater outside.  I’m saying it’s theater inside!

Look how I just ended my career and life over an errant feeling of loss. A feeling that happened across my radarscope, in the face of which I sounded general quarters!

Paul has left. If I were looking for an explanation of loss, I need go no further than that.

But staying with the feeling of loss as loss – no matter what the outside stimulus – what did I do with it? I became that feeling, complete with story and actions. Probably lines and gestures too, if I looked more closely.

If I didn’t do it in the “real world,” I did it in the inside world – as an inner drama, which I would then act out in the outer world.

Everyone would then busily be trying to figure out what drove me to act that way. Now you know. The reasons have nothing to do with anyone else. They’re idiosyncratic.

You laugh? This is an everyday problem. I don’t regard myself as alone in thinking this way. I assert that the process I just went through is probably “what we do.”

But there’s a much more serious side to this and that’s what I really want to focus on.


We’re about to pass through a time of such challenge to our basic human decency that I believe we’re going to need to break our automatic resort to the process I just described – where we take on our feelings and drive around in them, rather than neutrally observing them.

If we don’t, in my humble opinion, we may suffer serious emotional harm and perhaps even breakdown because of the magnification of threat we’re told to expect.

To be ready, to be prepared, as the Federation suggests we do, we have to stop identifying ourselves as our feelings. Not just that however. We have to stop identifying ourselves as our thoughts as well. (1)  Both of these will probably be going up and down with outer events and threat levels. If we identify with them when things get really “topsy turvey,” as the Federation says, we’ll also be going up and down.

I say this for my own good as well as anyone else’s because I know that I fall into this process more times than I care to think of. I know I have to break my automatic resort to identifying with my thoughts and feelings.

A feeling triggered a script and, with cameras rolling, I drove around in my feeling of loss. Visiting such neighboring towns as Failure and Futility, I ended up in Dry Gulch.


Granted that the White Hats are in control, we don’t know how bad things may need to get before people will wake up. It’s already gotten bad enough for so many people.

As lightworkers, in my opinion, we need to hold it together (me too; not saying otherwise) through what’s coming up.

There’ll be wars and rumors of wars, says the Bible. Not nuclear wars. Not world wars. Not even wars, if you consider the theatrics of it all.  But it darn well looks like war and people are dying.

This is a global change of management and the end forever of things like Nazism, the New World Order, the World Economic Forum, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, and their associated endeavors.

First Truth; then Reconciliation. The truth must be known. No mass executions. It isn’t our lot to become like those we defeated.

For us, as we contemplate a global lockdown and general announcements, what do I recommend? Aside from all precautionary measures? Emotionally?

Remain in the center, in the middle, where the heart is. The center, the heart, is a portal to the higher dimensions. From there love arises, the kind of love which, if we were in it, would make harming our fellow Gaians impossible. That love is what will eventually solve the world’s problems.

Until then, remaining in the center will have us remain as peaceful and balanced as events will allow.

We’ll get through this and we’ll get through it together. Avoid the extremes. Remain in the center. Help where you can.

The peaceful shall inherit the Earth.


(1) It’d be very handy if we stopped identifying ourselves as our bodies too, but that might be a bit much to ask, short of an out-of-body experience.


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