Gallery: Judith Kusel: The Ancient Matrix, Reactivated

Judith Kusel: The Ancient Matrix, Reactivated

March 20, 2022 by 

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by Judith Kusel

In Ancient Times before the mass destruction began and man fought man, there were immense sacred places which were sanctuaries where the sacredness of life and all the energies of life could freely flow.

Heaven and earth were one and the same. The energies were moved via the Crystal Pyramids, the sacred waters, and the crystalline conduits of the elements.

There were men and women who were highly trained in the arts of moving these energy fields, and transmitting the knowledge contained within energy particles, and then nurturing and honoring these sacred places, with special rituals and rites as a constant stream of gratitude and honoring of the Goddess and the Divine.

The Sisterhood held the keys to the serpent energies, and thus they were the Sacred Keepers of the codes and keys.

The Brotherhood were the Alchemists, and the ones who moved the energy itself into the various channels and conduits so that this mass energy would benefit and enhance the lives of all….

Hark ye, o Mankind that those who remember their true soul calling, will now feel themselves moved in many ways.

It will come not through the mass learning and teaching centers, but it will come through the heart, and the heart centered powers within the bodies of those who have to activate their soul’s special assignment in returning the sacred keys and codes.

They are not the ones who rule the lands, and neither the ones who control it. They are known by their innermost hearts and the way that their whole life is one dedication to truth and living this truth and then being that quiet force which changes lives by just being there.

Hark ye, then for such an immense change is happening and it is moving now in wave upon wave.

Hark ye, and awaken at soul level. Seek help if you have not arisen to tune into the depths of your soul.

Move in and allow the spirals of energy to move within you and to move within the activation of the keys and codes.

Let those who know, remember.

Let those who are awake, be alert.

This is the hour.

This is the ancient matrix reactivated.

Remember the truth of who and what you are!


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