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Settling into Being

March 18, 2022 by 

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An event following my laying down of the task of aggregating the news seems to demonstrate how the Company of Heaven works with a lightworker

I’d like to look at it.

I was at the end of my physical limits covering as much territory as I was in putting out a daily update that first covered the world and then covered only Canada. The language barriers and the technical expertise required did me in.

One night my legs turned to rubber from running out of steam and I knew I needed to lay down the task. For one or two days and nights, I just slept.

Right after that (and here is where the Company of Heaven comes in) I found myself in an experience of peace that lasts, toned down to be sure, to this day.

I wish this didn’t sound like bragging. It isn’t meant to be. It’s meant to be transparency for the sake of learning.

I’m aware of turmoil around me and yet, at least in the background of my experience, I continue to feel at peace. This is quite new for me. I was always quite scrappy.

For me the sequence of events is too fortuitous and synchronistic to consider as mere coincidence. On the contrary, I assert that this shows how the Divine will work with us when we’re in service: They’ll give us what we need when we need it.

As long as I’m in this experience of peace, I for sure won’t over-exert myself because it’s like already winning the race. There’s no more need to run; i.e., exert oneself.


I’ve also noticed two levels of peace. I’m certain there are many more.

The first is where we feel at peace while also feeling as if we’re made of granite. Archangel Michael and I discussed this on a couple of occasions:

Archangel Michael: So, when you think of things that you should do, are supposed to do, might do, and it doesn’t ignite that fire of excitement, and that granite of peace, then you are being given an important piece of information, which is ‘look elsewhere.’ Is that clear?” (1)

Steve Beckow: I had an experience of deep peace some years ago. I think it was about 2015. And I was surprised to find that peace was so substantial. It felt to me as if I were standing on a granite rock and I remember saying that to myself. And then I remember a couple of years later you actually used that word, [saying] that peace was like granite.  …

Archangel Michael: There are so many divine qualities that do feel amorphous, light, airy, like a spring day. And yet peace (you have this expression), you can take it to the bank. It feels like ballast. It feels like granite because it is solid.And dare I say immutable. That is why I continue to keep emphasizing that that peace [is] within; that rock-solid granite [lies] within. (2)

This rock-solidness was a wonderful sensation. I felt strong, stable, competent.

But there was a nagging thought. I’ve been outside my body (1977). I know that my spirit body is as light as a feather.  Why would I, then, when in peace, feel heavy?

At that moment I entered a second level of peace where I realized that it was my body that felt heavy. The spirit inside the body was light.

I was now a spirit in a body who realized it was not the body, the source of heaviness.

I’d have expected that realization to lead to an incredible lightness of being. No such thing.  Instead it just increased my feelings of heaviness because now I was aware of them and what was causing them.

I see that we cannot escape being in and working through these bodies. Given that I’m much more aware of the heaviness now, I see that not all spiritual states show up like an improvement. And I imagine this one to be temporary. It couldn’t possibly be the end of the story.

I imagine there are countless levels of peace past this.

Then I saw that, in meditation, I was able to let the body go from my awareness and just feel the spirit.  At those times, I’m unaware of any heaviness. For a time I’m free and at peace. My spirit soars. As you’d expect, I feel more drawn to meditation these days.

All that being said, the experience of peace – whatever other circumstances accompany it – still far surpasses any experience brought to me by an active mind. Cleverness does not hold a candle to peace.

What a relief it is to be free of all agendas, all concerns, all pressures for a time and just be at rest.

Pundit Ravi Shankar used to call it “settling into being.” Precisely that.


(1) “Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: You Have Chosen to Be the New Paradigm of Love, May 31, 2018,” June 7, 2018 at

(2) “Transcript: Archangel Michael – Peace is Breaking Out Upon Your Planet, May 3, 2018,” May 15, 2018, at

I haven’t watched peace closely enough to know what happens after “I” become aware of the separateness of the heaviness.   Right now it feels like I’m in a old-fashioned diving suit.


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