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Our Tools in the Future We Create

March 17, 2022 by 

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I am superior

I wanted to clarify a matter related to vasanas or core issues. (1)

A vasana is a usually-negative behavior pattern that arises out of our early childhood trauma.

A person’s “act” is born of a vasana.

We might think, oh, this person has an act and, when they drop it, they won’t behave the way they do. They’ll be somehow different.

What’s not said is the unspoken assumption that they’ll lose their abilities, the ones we’re usually jealous of?

It’s not quite that way.

In the first place, my experience has been that, when I drop a vasana … actually, when I complete the experience of it … it’s like laying down smooth asphalt on a bumpy road. It’s now smooth driving in the area of the vasana. I now have no more attention on that area and it disappears into the background of obviousness for me. That’s the course of the completion of a vasana.

Say, my act was being love. Everyone in the building knows me. Everyone in the neighborhood loves me. I brighten the lives of everyone I meet. Every day.

And then I get that it’s an act, hiding my insecurities. As a result of my realization, I shift from being at the effect of the vasana (i.e., controlled by it), to now being at cause with it (i.e., controlling it) and everything connected to it. I  become myself again.

The loving person that the whole neighborhood loves is still loving and loved.

In the second place and this is why I write this article:

In my view, after completing the vasana, we still get to keep the skills we developed while at the effect of the vasana.

A man I knew networks because he lived on top of a mountain and always needed to be in touch with someone who owned a car in case of an emergency. He got his at-effect networking as an act, and stopped being at the effect of it. But he also got to keep the networking skills he developed.

The woman who loves still loves, but now she’s centered. She has a sense of herself. She no longer needs to hide behind an act. She’s learned to love herself and her insecurities are now gone.

So her delivery of the very same love is now more genuine, more balanced, and much deeper.

To repeat then: In my opinion, we do not lose the skills we developed when we complete a vasana. They become our tools in the future we create.


(1) See Vasanas: Preparing For Ascension by Clearing Old Issues at


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