Gallery: Archangel Michael: What to Look Forward to

Archangel Michael: What to Look Forward to

March 16, 2022 by 

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In researching a compilation on love as part of the Basic Library, (1) I came across these comments from Archangel Michael on bliss. I find everything he says about bliss very helpful. They yield insights when one meditates on them or contemplates them.

I feel reassured that he tells me he gives me these experiences so that I’ll write about them. That has been my hunch all along but here he says it in black and white.

And it’s illuminating to hear that we need to draw the future we want to us. Therefore we need to know what to look forward to. Hint: Bliss!

Archangel Michael:  There are many ways in which to get your attention, my friend.

Steve Beckow: Can you give me some examples?

AAM: The best example is when you are in the bliss. That is when you are truly in the union not only with my Sacred Self.  It is with our Sacred Self.

It is the totality of all; where the, what you can think of as the, distinguishing outlines of individuation, of delineation disappear. That is truly the way existence is.

It does not eradicate the sense of individuality or uniqueness but it reduces it to what it really is, which is of very little importance.

Steve:  I’m enjoying the bliss. You can send any amount of it you wish my way.

AAM: I’m sending it as an appetizer and sometimes as a full meal!

And you are anchoring into it bit by bit so that you are not overwhelmed and that you are able to communicate, write, share, and guide those who are following you so that they may know, not only what to look for but what to look forward to.

This has been one of the great difficulties, and, yes, we discussed it just a little yesterday  [on An Hour with an Angel, Jan. 20, 2016].

But it is a great difficulty of the human race that they have forgotten or set aside or are so distracted that they don’t know what they are looking forward to.

Because they don’t know what they are looking forward to, they are not pulling and anchoring it into the now.

Steve: They don’t know what to anchor in the now?

AAM: They don’t know what to anchor. It is like going into a grocery store when you are in a very distracted state, not having a shopping list, not knowing what you’re hungry for, not knowing what is missing in your larder and really simply wandering around in a daze and walking out with a chocolate bar and a bag of potato chips. This will not sustain you!


(1) Love Like We Never Imagined it to Be, in preparation.


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