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Judith Kusel: Let Go

March 15, 2022 by 

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Judith Kusel

I am finding that such powerful energies are pouring in, and all is in such a state of flux, and disintegration, and assembling of the new, that all is in a morphing process.

I literally can feel myself changing on all levels and in far greater levels than ever before.

With this, a lot of souls will be repeating the same old dramas, stories, negative patterns again, which have kept them stuck for so long. This will be in families, in society, and in the greater humanity. Yet these lessons are now being churned up, so that all can finally break the patterns and allow themselves to be freed, and free others as well.

I see this happening in my own family. I see how the same patterns are repeating themselves. I seem to give the same guidance, and show them the same way time and again, yet they do not seem to get the message, nor seem to be able to break the pattern. I look and see how they are creating their own dramas, and then seem to get pulled in ever deeper – like being sucked into a whirlpool.

The truth is, that one cannot rescue other souls, and you most certainly cannot master their soul lessons for them. You can guide, you show the way, you can love them all the same, but you cannot do the work for them!

What happens in families, is repeated in larger levels in society and in governance – in all of humanity.

We now finally need to master immense collective soul lessons, and the only way to do this, is to finally break the patterns, and set ourselves free and then set others free as well.

I had crystal clear guidance regarding this, this morning: I was told that whatever souls, even family, decide to play out in the old Earth and the Old 3D, needs to be let go of. One needs to let go of all attachments, in whatever form, and thus nothing which can hold you back in the Old Matrix, and in the Old Earth.

I am reminded time and again of when Jesus said: “Who is my mother? Who is my brother and who is my sister?” What he was saying in truth, was that everyone he interacted with was a soul brother, a soul mother, a soul sister, for we are all Divine.

The earthly family will disband. It has served its purpose and it will be replaced by soul family and thus will then operated in the 5th to 7th dimensional state, of Oneness, Unity, and Peace with unconditional love.

Thus we need to let go now. Let go.

The greatest love, is to allow other souls, even those nearest and dearest to you, to make the mistakes they choose to make, and master their soul lessons in their own time and space, without trying to piggyback them into the New Earth.

In giving them the freedom in exercising their own free will and choice – you are honoring their souls, and the Divinity which lives within them. As much as you are honoring your own soul and the Divinity which lives within you.

Unconditional love does not attach, does not control, does not manipulate etc. It simply keeps the heart open and allows them to attain mastery in their own time, and in their own way – as much as they allow you, yours.

We need to free ourselves now from all bondage, and so often family bonds are the most restrictive because of all the ancestral programming which went with it, which we now need to transcend, and indeed old patterns, which now need to be dissolved and healed and let go of, once and for all.

The same applies to the greater humanity, and all which creates discord, in whatever form or way.

We are truly now being shown what Divine Love in truth is.


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