Gallery: Does Anyone Have a Plan? – Part 2/2

Does Anyone Have a Plan? – Part 2/2

March 11, 2022 by 

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(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday.)

Now a planetary Alliance of military forces and concerned civilians is poised to take the dark forces out of power, legally and completely.  No more Fourth Reich, Fifth Reich, and so on.

This is all happening because the love energies are rising on the planet. The Mother reminds us:

“Make no mistake, Sweet One, Love will win because that has been my Plan always.” (1)

Union and reunion are her Plan, she says:

“As you rise, you are more able to clearly grasp not only the idea or the concept, the construct of creation in its fullest sense, but you are able to join with us.

“Is this part of the plan? Dear hearts, it is the plan. There are many details, many aspects, many attunements, but the plan has always been one of union and reunion.

“And you have known this in your basic understanding of your spiritual journey [i.e., the 1987 vision], your spiritual journey back to us, back to One, back to Source, however you have defined it.” (2)

My vision in 1987 showed me the complete journey of a single soul from God to God.

It is not her Plan that dictators should win:

“[I am speaking about] those in … positions where control and abuse of power have been rampant. That will not be the platform [from] which integration of the various galaxies takes place. That is not the Plan.”  (3)

One group of beings who serve the Mother’s Plan are our galactic brethren, our star family. SaLuSa of Sirius states where they’re coming from in regards to the Plan for the change of management:

“[A dark victory] is not in the plan for the end-times, as you have earnt the right to ascend and your freewill choice will be honoured. The dark Ones can only go so far where you karma is concerned, before we stop them in their tracks.

“That is easy enough for us with our advanced technology, and not a drop of blood would be shed. You will not have to put up with the activities of the dark Ones much longer, as their days are numbered. ” (4)

Behind it all the Mother is the great architect, as Archangel Michael once reminded me:

Archangel Michael: The Mother … is the ultimate architect, you know. (5)

She moves us around the board as if we were chess pieces.

“Although it is the Father’s and my Eternal Divine Plan, I am also Guardian of this Plan – I am Overseer, I am Implementer, I am Guardian. I guide the pieces as if this was a chess board.” (6)

Do I want to be a knight or a bishop this lifetime? I think a knight.

Finally, since you and I are God, this is not someone else’s Plan. This is our Plan. I’ll leave the last word on that to the Mother:

Steve: I want to confess that I’m one of those people who have said I’m not going to be a puppet and follow a Divine Plan! I have my own free will in the matter. And then I have another thought, that I really am, at essence, the Father. So, this really is my Plan!

Divine Mother: That is correct. And that is the wisdom emerging. It is the maturity of the soul to know. It is the immature — and we would say adolescent, but very often adolescents are far more mature than adults— but shall we say the spiritually young one who fights and thinks that there is a controlling authority. There is not! It is — and that is why I have put the emphasis – this is not just the Divine Plan; this is your plan. (7)

The contours are hers; the application is left to us. And how we go about it reflects our free will.


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