Gallery: Does Anyone Have a Plan? – Part 1/2

Does Anyone Have a Plan? – Part 1/2

March 10, 2022 by 

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Yahhhh, not that kind of plan.

Does anyone have a plan? Or is this turmoil simply going to burn itself out with the last one standing wondering why?

No. In actuality there is a Plan for all life in general and a Plan for Planet Earth as it goes through its birth pains, ascending to the Fifth Dimension.

The easiest way to talk about the former is that the Plan is Mother/Father God’s wishes made manifest as to how the purpose of life will be accomplished. (1)

The purpose of life is that each one of us should realize our true identity as God. The reason for it is that each time one of us realizes that we are the One God, God meets God. God has an experience of Self.

If you were everything, how would you experience yourself? This is how God arranged it.

To effect that meeting, Mother/Father God designed a world of matter (mater, Mother), a school of experience, designed to draw us closer and closer to the realization of who we truly are.

The Mother tells us:

“When I dream, it is done. Yes, sweet angels, my action steps fall into place simultaneously because the dream, the desire, the intention is, what you would think of, is that strong, that there is no distraction.” (2)


In the very broadest of terms, the Plan for Terra Gaia “has always been one of union and reunion.” (3)

Gaia herself has spoken to us on occasion. She acknowledges that she, the soul who animates planet Earth, is an archangel:

“Greetings, I am Gaia, I AM Gi’Anna – and welcome, beloved ones, angels and hybrids, starseeds and earthkeepers. I welcome you … as sister, as brother, as Mother, as Archangel. “(4)

 “I am Gaia; known long ago as Archangel Gi’anna, archangel of love, change and metamorphosis.” (5)

Archangel Gaia had a specific mission in assuming the form of planet Earth. Archangel Gabrielle tells us what it was:

“The way in which this beautiful planet, Terra Gaia, was designed was, as you know, a place for angels and a few star visitors to come and have the experience of love in form, in physicality. Because of that basic notion, that kernel of creation, it was decided — the Mother desired — that there would be gender differentiation, so that there could be the experience of holding the divine masculine in form and the divine feminine in form.” (6)

Most lightworkers are angels, leading Gabrielle to say:

“You are angels in form dancing upon a planet which is an archangel.” (7)

I’ve heard the expression “physical angels” used, meaning, I believe, that we are transcendental angels choosing physical form on this occasion.

The Plan is for Gaia to return to her original mission.

We now see where this planet was headed if the direction of events was left unaltered. To worldwide tyranny and a culling of the human herd to 500 million willing servants.  However, of this potential outcome, the Divine Mother has reassured us:

“[I am speaking about] those in … positions where control and abuse of power have been rampant. That will not be the platform [from] which integration of the various galaxies takes place. That is not the Plan.

“I know very clearly, sweet one, as do you, if it is not [in] my Plan, then it will not occur.” (8)

Upon this rock do I found my faith.

(Concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)


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