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Judith Kusel: Light Energy

March 10, 2022 by 

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by Judith Kusel

Now your soul, in its purest soul form is pure energy. Light Energy. Yet, this Light Energy contains your Lightbody, and thus you will find that when you see your own true Lightbody form, you will recognize yourself:

Your eyes, and forehead and features remain the same: – you may take on different physical forms, in different galaxies and star systems, but the triangle, of your eyes, your forehead and the upper part of your head, will always remain the same.

This is one reason, why we will always recognize other souls we have known, either in previous lives, or other existences, and we recognize them mostly by their eyes and the upper triangle of their faces.

High Ranking Souls will always have an energetic imprint on their foreheads as well, which is normally in the form of sacred Geometries and thus indeed, through these sacred geometries, souls will not only recognize each other, but will “read” the Soul, and indeed its original creation!

This is a self-portrait created a few years ago, which is in Africa book, of what my soul looks like, in its form as Aysis-Ra-A-Ru-A-Ra, and note the Star of David over my forehead. This is how I appear in my true soul form, and I always have this emblem over my forehead.

There is something so profound in all of this: The Divine not only created us to be unique, but our uniqueness forms part of the unique Soul Group or Monad we belong to.

Yet, our uniqueness is imprinted in the sacred geometrical symbol etched on our foreheads which all other souls can read – if they are tuned in. It will immediately identify you, on Universal and Multi-Universal levels and is read by all Beings, on all levels of Creation! ”

Copyright Applies: excerpt from a Lesson I am preparing on the Universe, and Souls and descending into Earth and matter and ascending for my White Flame Course Level III.


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