Gallery: A Person of Peace Radiating Love

A Person of Peace Radiating Love

March 9, 2022 by 

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These words from Daniel Scranton hit home:

“[Compassion is] what will heal and help, and fighting with others about who’s right and who’s wrong and what’s really going on will perpetuate conflict and war on your planet.

“So before you start doing that with other people to prove how right and how smart you are, and we are only speaking to a few people here who are tuning in, remember to go within your hearts first and feel for the compassion that is there for all humans who are living through war, conflict, bombings, and shootings, and recognize that you are so much more a part of the solution when you do that than when you tell someone what you think is really going on.”

Good points.


With war having broken out in the Ukraine, peace seems to be on everyone’s mind.

Peace I know. And I’m beginning to feel a lot of compassion. I don’t know if peace itself has brought that on or whether the rising energies have.

Grumpy is thawing.  The troll under the bridge is coming out. Humpty Dumpty’s back together again.

P-E-A-C-E is how you spell relief. From that platform of stability, let me experiment by breathing love up from the heart. Let’s see what that produces.

What results is what I’d call a spiritual adult.  A person completely solid in themselves (at real peace with everything; therefore, adult) and radiating what the world needs and wants most (love).

A person of peace radiating love. Now that’s an honorable goal to aim for.


What’s different about everyday peace and peace as a divine state?

What’s different for me is that everyday peace feels somehow contained within me. At best I feel unrattled and my mind stops for a while. There’s no sense of how the way I feel is related to any larger state than my everyday consciousness.

In the divine state of peace, I am within it; it’s not within me. It feels like a universal condition and I’m just in a part of it. I’m in a peace that stretches out everywhere. Or I’m immersed in a universal ocean of love.

In ordinary peace things interrupt; I’m on the edge of feeling jittery, expecting an interruption. I come and go from what’s actually quiet rather than real peace.

In real peace, things still interrupt, but I’m not on edge expecting them. The “I” that would be on edge has disappeared from sight. Only the “I” of the observer remains. (1) That “I” is agenda-less. I therefore find I can move fluidly from one situation to another.

In everyday peace, I may still be aware of my body’s functions. My heart may pound, for instance. But in real peace, I’m not aware of any functions. All is complete quiet and stillness.

Except for Aum ringing in my ears….


(1) Yes, the real “I.” But I’d have to realize it for the noticeing to have any impact.


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