Gallery: Keeping Up with the People’s Convoy

Keeping Up with the People’s Convoy

March 6, 2022 by 

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It’s become notable at this point that the GAoG blog hasn’t posted much about the U.S. version of the trucker’s freedom convoys taking place around the world. It’s not been intentional. Steve’s patriotism emerged when that story unfolded, and the passion, love and unity of the Canadian people lit a fire inside him, and ended up inspiring  the whole world.

While I certainly consider myself to be a Patriot, my news focus has been elsewhere. I’ve been following the Canadian truckers’ still unfolding story; they actually accelerated the demise of the ds, starting with effectively bringing the covid game to a rapid close.

I haven’t been drawn to explore our very own convoy, though, and I’ve wondered just what they would expect from arriving at a place reportedly like a ghost town, and that’s hosting an absentee fake president. Are they as organized and cohesive as their colleagues up north? There’s much to learn, which I’ll do as I research this piece.

A fellow by the name of John Spiropoulos has been following the convoy and making video updates.  The one on the People’s Convoy page is from Day 6.

The intention of the People’s Convoy, as outlined on their website ~

It’s Time to end the declaration of National Emergency concerning the covid-19 pandemic and restore our nation’s Constitution

The People’s Convoy – Media Statement February 26, 2022

The People’s Convoy continues to grow in numbers and support as we peacefully cross the country in unity. The People’s Convoy has been diligent in our message and purpose. Although we support any peaceful movements in spirit, we are not affiliated with any other groups.

The People’s Convoy has created an infrastructure with a third-party accounting firm, legal teams, security, and journalists documenting each mile. We encourage truckers and supporters to officially join The People’s Convoy along our route.The People’s Convoy would like to reiterate:

  • We are traveling across the US in PEACE and UNITY
  • We are 100% LAW-ABIDING citizenry and convoy
  • Our core principals of FREEDOM and LIBERTY give rise to the convoy’s request to end the State of Emergency that led to overreaching mandates
  • We demand government ACCOUNTABILITY through full and transparent congressional hearings
  • We are NOT going into DC proper, and we will NOT be there for the State of the Union
  • We are NOT associated with Bob Bolus or other convoys who are planning to go into DC
  • The People’s Convoy is a peaceful and unified transcontinental movement
  • This freedom-loving movement is about the journey, not the destination
  • Our website and social media platforms are the ONLY official locations with details on how to donate, routes and stopping points where people can come support
  • We are actively accepting donations through our secure site to support the truckers with fuel and supplies during the convoy

The official website is:

Gallery: The People's Convoy is on the move in Flagstaff | Local |

The NWO Report just published their own update, complete with videos ~

LET FREEDOM ROLL: 70 Mile Long ‘People’s Convoy’ to Descend on Washington, DC SATURDAY – Thousands of Vehicles Gear Up for the Final Stretch

by Julian Conradson, March 5, 2022

Tens of thousands of American Truckers from across the country will reach the DC Swamp tomorrow morning for a massive protest to pressure Biden to end the national state of emergency that was declared at the start of the pandemic, along with all the other public health mandates that have been used to restrict Americans’ constitutional rights.

The convoy is now well over 10,000 vehicles long, including thousands of trucks. There are so many participants in the caravan that it has taken over three hours for them to get off the highway, and there is still no end in sight.

The group will be staying in Hagerstown, Maryland (about 70 miles northwest of Washington) for Saturday, heading to an unspecified location two miles from the D.C. Beltway area either on Sunday or Monday.

For an up close and personal look at the Hagerstown gathering ~

And finally, a perspective from Canada on the American truckers ~


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