Gallery: A Lightworker Manual on a Single Page

A Lightworker Manual on a Single Page

March 1, 2022 by 

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What the Arcturians through Marilyn Raffaele said recently is like a Lightworker Manual on a single page. I quote it at length and recommend it be printed off and kept handy as the turmoil mounts.

The Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele, Feb. 27, 2022, at

“It is a time of mourning for many. A time in which the majority, both the awakened and the un-awakened, are experiencing an unidentified sense of sadness. As the familiar begins to fade away, it causes fear of the unknown to those unaware that there are new and better ways coming and so they continue to believe that, in spite of how disruptive and painful some of the old ways may of been, they were and are the right ways. Many of you are simply feeling this energy; it is not yours.

“You will find yourselves increasingly called upon to help those drawn to you with questions and concerns. They recognize your stability in the face of outer appearances and want this for themselves. You will become and many of you already are teachers to those ready for and seeking truth. However, even more important than the outer work is the inner work, your ability to continuously and silently BE the Light that you are for without the inner there can be no outer.

“You are spiritually ready to resist the temptation to quickly jump in to heal, change, or fix appearances. Those days ended once you understood and accepted that the only reality is that of one omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient God/Source/Creator/Consciousness–period. Once this is understood and accepted, what is there to fix unless the belief in two powers continues?

“When you live life from a consciousness no longer cluttered with beliefs of duality and separation, the energy of your enlightened awareness automatically flows wherever you are because it is who you are. Allow your Light to flow to the Earth, people and countries, and to all situations without attaching intentions as to how you think they should be. When you acknowledge the Light and perfection already present in and as them, you are working from a higher level, the level of Oneness.”

I don’t have a word that I can think of to add. Lots of words arise for what this passage inspires in me.

I plan to reread it frequently in the days and weeks ahead.


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