Gallery: Ivo of Vega: How to Get to 5D – Understand that The Normal is Abnormal

Ivo of Vega: How to Get to 5D – Understand that The Normal is Abnormal

February 27, 2022 by 

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by Sharon Stewart

Look at the current situation on earth. The hypocrisy of all will be revealed as we go through our collective shadow. We have to go through this in order to create better for ourselves. God is with us, thank God.

I think one point to be made here is understanding the difference between what’s normal and what’s usual. What you usually see happening is not necessarily normal, in comparison to what happens in the galaxy, it is abnormal.

When you say that something is “the usual reaction” this allows you the freedom to be unusual. People on this planet interact in a low vibrational way and I want to keep my vibe high.

Start asking yourself, “Why should I see this as bad?” or “Why should I see this negatively?” Then argue with yourself. Start to see the positive in it.

Ivo: This is correct, my love. You spend your time over-focused on things that are negative and under-focused on things that are positive. You spend your time fussing over trivialities and avoiding the things that do matter because you fear not being able to deal with them. How do you know unless you try?

How will you know how loving you are unless you lose your love?

How will you know what is important in life if you are spending time dealing with the unimportant things?

How will you know how powerful you are when you do not ever try to exert your personal power?

How will you know how much better you can make your life if you do not try?

When you continue to do as others do in order to fit in, you will not ever know who you truly are.

When you continue to fear being put down for being different, then you will never realize your true self. Why give in to this emotional bullying?

Our message here is to watch your reactions to things. When you watch how you react, then you can improve yourself by learning to forgive. Sharon learned her entire family has been vee’d, and she is upset for them. Even the little grandchildren.

Ivo: She must accept this. Why? Because it is. She does not like it but it is done. She has no power over her family although she tried to speak with them.

Me: I think the message here that people can take away is that others matter, things don’t. We often put so much focus on things and we minimize the importance of others in our lives. It’s the wrong way to look at it.

Acceptance goes a long way. So does practicing detachment. I have to detach from my family because of the choices they’re making. I can’t see them anymore because of the choice they made and how it differs from mine. I lost my family.

Suffering is a choice.

Me: Thank you, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, we will leave it at this.

(edited by permission)


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