Gallery: The Gift of Belief

The Gift of Belief

February 25, 2022 by 

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February 24, 2022…My gift,this flaming feather, will remind youyou have held what you shall miss:it will slay falsehoods and mists,will free you from the grip of thosewhose trickery does not liveunless you take it to be true.~Arthur Gregor, Gift of the Firebird

Funny thing about the masks. When I see an unmasked employee in a store, I’m filled with pity. Oh, no. They got the jab.

With customers, it’s impossible to know vax status. With employees, given the Big-Brother-style California government that the Golden State has descended into, only vaccinated employees are allowed to go without masks indoors. Instant public display of personal medical information.

As a customer, I don’t think anyone’s going to inquire if I have the right to go maskless; most will assume I’m vaxxed. (Actually, I assume the masked are largely comprised of the obediently vaxxed, and the unmasked continue rebelling by going maskless even though they’re not supposed to.) If someone does ask, I’m not sure how I would react except perhaps with a silent smile.


This latest easing of the mask mandate has made one thing crystal clear to me. I will never wear a mask in a retailer again.

A sense of detachment has filtered into me over the last couple of days. Even the persistence of multiple mandates and countries’ governments giving themselves so-called emergency powers over their erstwhile civil-rights-gifted citizenry can’t rile me unduly. 

I’m watching the ping-pong balls of reported events, mostly regarding Russia and Ukraine at the moment, and feel no desire to follow every squiggle of the Geiger gauge. (1)

In my more cynical moments I think: it’s mostly speculation and predictions, some of it more well-founded than others. Given a few hours or days, the predictions mostly don’t come true and the speculation proves to be no more than that.

It’s not that I have more important things to do. It’s that every breathless scrap of news pushed by alternative media seems to have a pretty good chance of being retracted or modified in the next breath.

Maybe I do have more important things to do. Maybe equilibrium of self, partly attained through detachment from minute-to-minute investment in What’s Happening, is the more important thing.


There’s a good reason why the boy who cried wolf eventually got eaten by the wolf. The villagers heeded their discernment and suspended belief in the alarmist who kept toying with them.

I have no way of knowing whether commentators are pushing a hidden deep-state agenda, or are repeating, in good faith, information they’ve gleaned from what they consider reliable sources.

I’ve been given a peek into the mindset of people who disregard the kind of information I’ve been observing for a number of years.

Is something actually happening in a way that’s visible to me? Does somebody I know have first-hand information? Is a reporter who’s been proven truthful previously providing information that seems believable now?

When presented with conflicting and sometimes mutually exclusive reports, which story seems most plausible, and which passes the intuition test?

If I were a mainstream media follower, the decision would be easier, but when consulting a patchwork of independent resources, who can really know where to place the gift of belief?

No wonder so many people outright dismiss alternative media sources (not to mention channelers), and those who believe them. Lies or misrepresentations are gleefully outed by fact checkers and mainstream media (even the truth is outed as false, but that’s another story). 

The mainstream generally doesn’t call the mainstream to task for its own lies, possibly because they’re all telling the same lies.

And there is the twisty conundrum, the path that very few want to follow. This way lies confusion and mind-boggling contradictions. Enter ye who dare.


There seems little chance that things are going to quiet down and go smoothly in a day or two or ten. I’ve given myself a reprieve from having devices on and instantly accessible. Having to warm up a tablet or computer gives me one more layer of insulation from the temptation to obsessively check on what’s happening. If I have to wait thirty seconds or a minute—how spoiled I am!—is it really worth it?

This reminds me of the advice given to newly recovering alcoholics. Just don’t keep the stuff in the house. If you have to go to a store and plonk down your hard-earned cash for that bottle of rotgut, it gives you a little more time to consider.

I know I’m not missing anything essential by protecting myself from the perpetual shower of information. I have faith that what I really need to know will turn up in front of me like an old-fashioned plow churning up nuggets in a field rich with buried treasure.

Here, and here, this is what you need to know. The rest of it is just clods of dirt and desiccated cow pies.

I bestow the gift of my belief judiciously, keeping in mind that what I believe today may prove false tomorrow. I aim to remain unfazed no matter what shakes out in the end. I don’t expect to have landed on all the spots marked “truth” on this undulating checkerboard of the world. Since I’m not sure anyone else has, either, I’ll be content with that.

(1) I’ve found that Simon Parkes’s website is great for a quick check on “really important” happenings. If it’s truly earth-shattering, it’ll likely be on Simon’s site, and his intel—if he can disclose it while hampered by an NDA—tends be valid.


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