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The Strongest of the Strong

February 23, 2022 by 

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Yahhhh. Not this time

How many times have we heard the Company of Heaven tell us that we’re the strongest of the strong?

The Divine Mother through Linda Dillon:

“You are the wayshowers. You are the pillars. You are the bravehearts. You are the strongest of the strong.” (1)

Jesus through Fran Zapeda:

“We are cheering you on and propping you up when you get weary. You are the strongest of the strong, and do not forget it.” (2)

Blossom’s Federation:



Yes, recall this knowing. And there’s nothing like a world crisis to help us recall.

The strongest of the strong doesn’t mean you tell me that you’re Pallas Athene or an elohim.

With all due respect, I don’t think it smart to go about saying it. The deep state uses ridicule to topple people and complacent mainstream viewers accept the truth of it. Or are afraid to run afoul of the men in black.

I suggest keeping your background to yourself. All can be known later. And we’re all proud of you just as you are anyways.


Nevertheless, do remember our inheritance. My ancestors are my past lives. What difference does the body I wear make?

I’m remembering. But not remembering as a merely intellectual exercise.

I can, in the face of the urgency of the world crisis, add to simple remembrance the fact that I’m calling strength and courage out of myself, which I think of as embodied in those “ancestors” – and in my interdimensional self, free of the cycle of reincarnation. The parts of me that do remember.

I’m receptive now to the divine states of strength and courage, where before I was lethargic, complacent. Why exert myself? What for? I’d have said.

At this moment I don’t feel overly brave, but I also know that the situation will call it out of me, out of us, if the need arises.

That’s the lesson of things I’ve been noticeing for the past two weeks or so. The situation has been calling the needed qualities out of me.

I believe that the needed qualities are there in the depot, only waiting to be requisitioned.

I’ve found peace developing within me. Moments of transformative love arrive. I’m being given the strength to face my fears.

It’s only my own fear I have to face.  (4) The rest is all service to the Mother, some of it difficult, some of it not.


We’re all of us in a difficult place. For peace-loving people, to move towards conflict is difficult. However once atrocities begin to be revealed, there will be no holding some people back.

We could shift from being hesitant to being a mob in a flash. Except for lightworkers.

In my opinion, for lightworkers to be the strongest of the strong doesn’t mean Hercules. It doesn’t mean a screaming banshee either. It does mean having the strength to remain in the middle, in the center, in peace.

If we are the strongest of the strong, it’ll be because throughout this difficulty our sacred intention has been to remain at peace.

Just as we refused to budge around vaccinations, going so far as to launch peaceful convoys worldwide, so I also hope we don’t budge in future from peace, love, and truth.

Not as a credo, but as something we get down to our bones.

We’re human. Some will succeed; some will fail; many will fail, fail, fail, and then succeed.

Civilly disobedient, resistant to tyranny, but expressing ourselves peacefully.

Those that are with us are stronger than those that oppose us.

Divine Mother: Make no mistake, Sweet One, Love will win because that has been my Plan always. (5)


(1) The Divine Mother through Linda Dillon in “The New You” class, Dec. 6, 2018.

(2) “Yeshua via Fran Zepeda: You Are The Strongest of the Strong,” October 16, 2013, at

(3) Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild, July 11, 2020, at

‘Only the strongest of the strong’ were chosen.

And this is why we have expressed to you that it is going to get a lot more Topsy Turvy than this … a lot more. ( “The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, May 17, 2020,” May 17, 2020, at

(4) And I think Franklin D. Roosevelt hit the nail on the head when he said we have nothing to fear but fear itself.  Once past our fears, we may find we’re able to manage quite well.

(5) Divine Mother in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, April 30, 2019.

Said SaLuSa:

“[A dark victory] is not in the plan for the end-times, as you have earnt the right to ascend and your freewill choice will be honoured. The dark Ones can only go so far where your karma is concerned, before we stop them in their tracks.”  (SaLuSa, Aug. 17, 2011, at

The Divine Mother:

“[I am speaking about] those in … positions where control and abuse of power have been rampant. That will not be the platform [from] which integration of the various galaxies takes place. That is not the Plan.

“I know very clearly, sweet one, as do you, if it is not [in] my Plan, then it will not occur.” (The Divine Mother in “Enter the Delegations – Part 2/3,” May 5, 2019, at Reading, April 30, 2019.)


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