Gallery: Judith Kusel: Emotional Body

Judith Kusel: Emotional Body

February 23, 2022 by 

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by Judith Kusel

The energies now are purifying our emotional bodies in the highest sense, as we need to release all memories of pain, suffering, shame, blame and guilt and all which is still attaching us to the Old Earth, all negative cords etc.

The root causes of all dis-eases in the physical body, lie hidden in the emotional body, and emotional charges which have not been dissolved, nor forgiven.

The emotional body is directly linked to spine and thus much of what needs to be deeply cleansed and cleared maybe stored in the subconscious and will now surface to be released, forgiven and dissolved.

I was shown yesterday how we are now surrounded by galactic and universal masters who are assisting the immensely powerful ascension process, and we are being freed in forms and ways we may not even be conscious of.

Yet we are also asked to free ourselves, to stand in our highest soul truth and in the heart and soul of unconditional love.

This is the deepest and most far reaching purification which ever occurred as the truth will be revealed in every form and way.


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