Gallery: Sandra Walter ~ The Rare Twos-Day Live Dive into the Crystalline Field

Sandra Walter ~ The Rare Twos-Day Live Dive into the Crystalline Field

February 22, 2022 by 

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Blessings Beloveds ~

The rare Twos-Day is upon us!

The auspicious 2.22.2022 presents a unique opportunity to raise the collective out of distortions and creations of the past.

Crystalline Gateways are open, and the Higher Realms are co-creating with us for a brand new level of Light Intelligence. The energies flowing from Mount Shasta are strong. More Golden-Crystalline BEings are presenting for a true upleveling of the collective consciousness.

Strong Divine Cosmic Mother frequencies provide Divine Grace, Compassion, Forgiveness, Clemency and a new level of unified light to Ascending HUman Hearts.

In Divine Service, we unify to infuse the collective consciousness with these qualities, and assist collective trajectories for highest outcomes.

All with a dose of ease and grace for personal and collective flow during these rapid-fire changes.

I AM hosting a one hour YouTube Live on Tuesday, February 22 to share what is unfolding and dive into the Crystalline field during this amplification of unity consciousness.

Join me from 11AM -12Noon Pacific Standard Time at the links below.

YouTube will automatically replay the broadcast on my channel within a few hours of the live.

Subscribe to my Ascension Path YouTube channel for reminders and to participate in the live chat HERE

Direct link to the live broadcast:

More 222 Unified Infusions: Global Unity meditations at 2:22am and 2:22pm in your own time zone. Tap in for 22 minutes (get outside on your 2:22!) to amplify the waves of pure intent and Divine LoveLight all. day. long.


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