Gallery: We Can be in the Space and Not Recognize It

We Can be in the Space and Not Recognize It

February 21, 2022 by 

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I noticed a phenomenon today that I’d thought about but had never acted on.

I’ve often thought that we’re already in the Fifth Dimension. We don’t believe we are and so our consciousness remains centered in the Third/Fourth, which appears real.

What was it Matthew said?

“Earth, a fifth density soul spiritually and consciously [is] in the initial stages of fourth density location-wise and most of her people are at third-density evolvement status. Animals and plants are absorbing more light than most of humankind; at this moment, the light in people varies from brilliant to just enough to keep bodies alive.” (1)

I’d never set about testing my hypothesis.

Today I did test it.  I was cooking lunch and wondering why I felt no feelings. I was totally bereft of them. Should I be concerned? Is something wrong?

Ordinarily I’d have done something to have me feel again.

But this time I stopped and asked myself, is it possible this is significant? Could it mean something?

Let me see if this is peace.

I checked my stance. Indeed my feet were flat on the ground. My stance was absolutely solid. That reflected the fact that there were no thoughts in my mind that would have me fidget or adjust them.

I was so composed, so strong and stable in my stance at that moment that I knew this lack of feeling was really peace.

How I wish I could remain in that space forever.

The Japanese describe it as muno kokuru – the absence of evil intention. It’s what makes a karate master’s moves so effective. I could never see that years ago but I can see it clearly now.

This seemed to support my hypothesis that we can be in a state – or the door to that state may have opened – and we don’t know it. Because we believe things are otherwise, they remain  otherwise. This is one supporting incident.


(1) Matthew’s Message, Aug. 3, 2014, at


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