Gallery: Ivo of Vega: How to get to 5D – Make Peace with Yourself

Ivo of Vega: How to get to 5D – Make Peace with Yourself

February 21, 2022 by 

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by Sharon Stewart

When you make peace with yourself, you’ll have no quarrel with anyone.

Me: Sounds cool, but how’s that work, Ivo?

Ivo: You are all in a world co-creating a common reality. Some people are not as good at creating as others are – they mis-create – if you react to everyone on your earth who mis-creates, you will never be at peace with yourself.

Ivo: The peace you want for yourself is the peace your ego robs you of. Do not approach others through the ego, approach them through the heart. Ask, “What would my heart have me do?”

Me: But you’re saying my heart could get me in trouble. It has before. I’ve been very kind to people who were nothing but nasty.

Ivo: And so you learned you could be kind to people who are nasty. You need not withdraw your goodwill.

Me: Got it. Keep the focus on myself.

Ivo: Is it unreasonable to think that when you speak to strangers at times you will get a loving response back and at other times, you will not? Is that unreasonable on earth?

Me: No. It’s normal.

Ivo: Then expect at times you will receive a crabby response. It is about the interaction with others and the mirroring you receive about your shortcomings.

In order to make peace with yourself, you must suspend your desire to interact favorably with other people, for starters.

Many people are working through their shadows now that the world is in the energetic system that it is.

Some people will be crabby, others will become violent. That is because these energies are being expunged from their systems, squeezed out in other words, coming to the surface and negative energies are being taken from them and released to the ethers.

Yes, their attachment manifestations will work doubly hard to replace these negative energies within their system, as they are their life blood. So people will not be as jovial as they were before.

The very things you have not come to accept about life on earth after all this time will cause you unrest. You expect people to be reasonable, non-reactive, affable and fair. They are not. You expect them to see the goodness of your intentions at all times. They will not. You expect them to meet your vibrational frequency at all times. No, they won’t.

The very things you still expect of people that after all these years are your control issues

Me: I know I have control issues.

Ivo: They are being revealed to you. You expect others to meet you on your vibration.
People cannot always give love and cannot always receive love. The human being on earth is an energy manipulating vehicle. The body stops energy and allows energy to flow. This regulates the moods.

So, now you must ask yourself why you always want people to be nice. Why is this my love?

Ivo: What other reason do you have for wanting people to always be nice?

Me: So I don’t feel rejected.

Ivo: And this is what you put yourself through when you get yelled at by your neighbor to stay away from you, and when the woman at the grocery store is curmudgeonly. You put yourself through rejection. This is being shown to you. You reject yourself because you feel rejected. They are not making you feel that way, you are. You must work on releasing the negative pockets left within your heart space of rejection.

Me: I see, yes. This is old stuff

Ivo: Some day you may walk through the grocery store and a moody woman will speak with you, and you will be able to be happy despite the fact she is not because you have worked through your fear of rejection.

Many starseeds have this fear of rejection because they know they are different. They, as you did, work hard to fit in and many have the particular habit of learning how to ignore what reality is telling them – they do not believe what they see and hear because it does not suit them. So when a person is rejected by a suitor they do not listen because they do not like the feeling of being rejected and so they ignore any rejection they get from others.

Ivo: Your control issues, your baggage as you call it, are being shown to you. People who you deal with are telling you what these issues are and where you still need to do work releasing past pain. This happens daily. You can put up a shield and blame, you can deal with it other ways by demanding that staff not be so moody, or you can look at what is being shown to you in your reaction and where your fears and control issues still exist.

It is part of your ascension process. It is part of taking your mind back and becoming its master. It is part of developing your super human skill set. Why is that? Because with negative pockets of pain within you, you are of a lower vibratory level, but not only that you are capable of lower vibratory acts.

You are never given superhuman skills when you are capable of harming another person. Never.

Ivo: Sharon is overcoming the idea that she must see what is going on in order to use her skills. She does not see but she senses the energies involved in using them. This is mastery level, my love.

Me: Oh good. I didn’t realize that. My ego will be chuffed.

Ivo: Do not inflate your ego. You have extra sensory skills to use for the sake of serving God, nothing else.

Me: Yes, a blue ray would say that and so did El Morya.

Me: Good, thanks Ivo. I know I still want the world to be my way and it isn’t, especially now. But I know good will come of this for many and earth will live on. We’ll make it.

Ivo: Indeed, it will. And it will see days of greatness that it has never seen before.

(edited by permission)


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