Gallery: The Only Thing We Don’t Know is When

The Only Thing We Don’t Know is When

February 18, 2022 by 

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I felt uplifted when I read what St. Germain said through James MacConnell recently:

“It is unstoppable now. The Light has already won.

“It is only the darkness that is receding now in every pocket across the planet.” (1)

Then he tells us what we’ve suspected:

“They are still attempting to hold on. They are finding it more and more difficult to do so. As the vibrations increase, lower-vibrational energy cannot exist in the higher-vibrational frequency.” (2)

If you think confusion may exist among lightworkers under assault by the deep state, the deep-state folks themselves are also probably experiencing massive confusion – at the way they feel, at the impotence of their once-powerful thoughts, at the loss of energy, drive, etc.

They’ll begin to “feel their age.” They’ll make slips and become less and less effective opponents.

This debilitation comes on top of the more general decrepitude that afflicts the dictatorial. I’ve cited the Divine Mother’s discussion of this so many times, you must know it off by heart:

“It is painful for a being that seeks power for themselves or power over another, whether it is a parent over a child, a husband over a wife, a man over an army. It matters not. The yearning [for], the exercise of control never gives joy. The pain simply grows. And so the actions become more grotesque, larger, until the breakdown is and has [been] and will be occurring.” (3)

The Mother is the active face of God.  She’s not a master or even a celestial. She’s the One behind everything. (4)

But back to St. Germain. So what’s the result?

“They are finding this more and more difficult, which is why they are reaching out, yelling out in many respects, doing many things that at one time were hidden, but now have come out of the shadows and are now being revealed as the darkness that they are.” (5)

So the dark is and will be, in a manner of speaking, revealed and will fall apart. That would explain why we have Justin Trudeau calling the truckers a small minority of racists and misogynists and Emmanuel Macron saying he doesn’t mind “pissing off” the anti-vaxx crowd. Few are bothering to remain diplomatic.

St. Germain continues:

“You are seeing the transformation happen within your Freedom Convoys that are developing everywhere, are in motion everywhere. Because it is this motion that is catapulting the freedom, the freedom train, if you will, to spread across the country. Freedom of the Republic. A Republic that is by the people, and for the people–not against the people.” (6)

And what will be the result?

“The forces of Light are forging ahead and bringing the wakefulness, the Great Awakening, the Grand Awakening to all of those who have been becoming ready for it.

“It is only a matter of time and, more than that, a matter of vibration. And as you know, vibration is increasing everywhere. We see it in the light quotient that is spreading across the planet as more and more people are saying, ‘I love you.’ More and more people are saying, ‘I forgive you.’”

“It is unstoppable now. The Light has already won.” (7)


What happens to those of the dark who transition? Have they escaped justice? Not at all, SaLuSa tells us.

“Bear in mind that whatever happens where your dark ones are concerned, they will stand in the Halls of Justice before they start a new experience.” (8)

“None shall escape as we know exactly who has been guilty, and have all the evidence that will convict them. Your societies will become cleansed and start again with people you know you can trust. They will be responsible for implementing new laws, and revival of the Constitution that upholds your rights.” (9)

This is the basis of my hope.

He shares that the cabal’s arrogance is what has brought them down.

“The changes that were insidiously introduced bit by bit … were removing your rights brick by brick. Thinking that they were infallible has allowed us to use the arrogance of the dark Ones to turn the tables upon them, and they have been taken unawares.” (10)

Sheldon Nidle’s Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation tells us that they helped the Alliance (military, civilians, and the Q team) plan out how to take down the dark. That’s the first time I’ve heard their help acknowledged:

“As we watch the way the Alliance, our Earth allies, work together to implement the very discreet and painstakingly orchestrated blueprint that we helped them formulate, we can’t help but feel some pride.” (11)

“The very discreet and painstakingly orchestrated blueprint that we helped them formulate….”  I find  that a very interesting statement.

Since they’re helping with med beds, ameliorating the impact of virus and vaccine, neutralizing nuclear weapons, why would they not be helping to orchestrate the takedown of the cabal?

So why does it need to take so long? Blossom’s White Cloud tells us:

“You will experience the change … after more upheaval, I am sad to say. But it has to reach a point where it can no longer continue.” (12)

Not only no longer continue, but no longer go into hiding and then re-emerge or re-entrench itself later – as the Nazis seem to have done.

Michael says:

“This type of behaviour has emerged over centuries, thousands of years. …

“Our forté is is, yes, exposure so that it doesn’t re-entrench itself because this is rather entrenched behaviour on all kinds of levels. …

“So you start to bring forward … the truth solutions … so that this does not occur and reoccur and re-entrench.” (13)

Will do.

White Cloud reminded us of the wave of love that’s expected to sweep the planet. Others have called it a tsunami of love, a ring of fire, a planetary heart opening, etc. (14)

We’ve heard about if for years and don’t know when it’ll happen, but it is a factor in all of this.

“When [the] time comes, that wave of love, that energy of love will sweep over, through, within your planet.

“You know this because it was shown to you before you came and you agreed that you would put up with all you are putting up with now in the knowing that this wave of love, this Event if you like, will take place.

“And when it does the change in vibration upon your planet and within [you] will feel so different from the way you are feeling now.  …

“Bring your world into the Light and rid it of the darkness for it is the Divine Plan that you do so.” (15)

“And when it does the change in vibration upon your planet and within [you] will feel so different from the way you are feeling now” – I have felt this tsunami of love and spent time in an ocean of Love. I know what he’s referring to and it will have a transformational effect on world society if it’s what I experienced.

Rid it of “the darkness,” not Team Dark. Lightworkers are dispelling darkness, not people.

So that’s the complete picture of what’s happening and what the Company of Heaven has planned, with our participation. They recognize the Freedom Convoys.

They tell us that the dark are finding the going harder and harder and assure of us of success. They tell us that they’re working with the Alliance to bring the dark team to justice.

The only thing we don’t know is when.


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Matthew Ward assures us: “The international group that has undertaken the monumental task of ridding your world of all dark activities [the Alliance] is closing in on the Illuminati. We don’t know when arrests will be made, but as soon as they are, Covid-19 will run out its course and never again will Earth’s peoples be subjected to such a scourge. (Matthew’s Message, Aug. 3, 2020.)

Was Sheldon incapacitated by a directed-energy weapon because he linked the Galactic Federation with the Alliance (and by implication the Q team)?  Just as Dr. Andreas Noack was killed for pointing out the graphene hydroxide in all vaccines, something the cabal did not want discussed?

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