Gallery: Ivo of Vega: How to Get to 5D – Stop Thinking You Know What’s Right for Yourself

Ivo of Vega: How to Get to 5D – Stop Thinking You Know What’s Right for Yourself

February 15, 2022 by 

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by Sharon Stewart

Sharon: I have is a penchant for avoiding pain. So in deciding I know what’s right for myself, it never has pain written into the agenda. But often the path I have to walk is very painful. Why? Because I have to un-learn everything that I’ve taught myself is the right thing for me.

So do you. You have to un-learn it, change your beliefs and start to let your guides guide you.

Ivo knows how stubborn I can be. Absolutely. I will keep walking into a wall until I’m in so much pain that I finally can admit, “Maybe this isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing. Maybe something else is where I need to go.” But then often I pick myself up and try again, thereby creating even more pain.

All that would have been unnecessary if I had let my guides guide me. Considering I’m working a project for the disclosure of extraterrestrial life to the people of earth, how could I possibly know what the next steps are? I can’t. They have to guide me. Ivo knows what my next steps are, but I have developed an allergy to being dependent on other people, especially men, since my family experience. So I have to change all of that around.

Ivo had to gain my trust, that was the first step. And he did it. It would have been easier for me to have main female guide because I’m quicker to trust women than men. Sorry guys, I’m not picking on you but I find a lot of men lie to get themselves to where they want to be. So I had to overcome that prejudice as well. I had to overcome a lot of things, and it took time.

Ivo knows what my next steps are. I don’t. And he tells me. He knows what this path is I decided to take upon incarnating here. I don’t. We have amnesia, remember?

You need your guides to tell you where you need to be. If you think you’re in the right place, it’s highly possible you’re not. Especially you young starseeds because you’re the ones who will be tasked with setting up the 5D earth, well, we are all doing it right now as you can see it happening right in front of your eyes now, we are building the 5D earth right here in 4D. It’s in its infancy right now. But it will grow. And you’re the ones who will do the lion’s share of that work, not me. I’m 61, my time here on earth is limited. It’s up to you and your children. No pressure.

Ivo, can you think of a time that you were trying to steer me in a particular direction and I refused to budge off of my path? To change my thinking?

Ivo: (chuckling) Yes, I can think of many times that I tried to wake you up to your true reality. Or your father did. When you were thirty and in meditation, you heard the name “Leonar” which is your father’s name, spoken to you. You did not know what it meant and so you disregarded it instead of being curious and investigating it. That was how beholden you were to your iron clad idea that you had all of your answers.

Also during these days of meditation during a two hour meditation, we spoke to you telling you we are your friends and we love you, and yet you simply dismissed it and carried on with your life.

Me: That still perplexes me. I don’t know why.

Ivo: You did not have the correct information. You also did not believe that these things could happen to you, which is a common problem many starseeds who contact us have. That is why we have discussions such as this one – to enlighten them to the fact that this could happen to anybody. You do not have to be a rocket scientist, a politician, a preacher or anyone special to have spirit or extraterrestrial guides. You all have them, in fact. And they may be trying to contact you, and you may be dismissing it as something not worth pursuing. Well, it is.

Then there was the time that you woke up in the morning, crying because you realized that while you slept you were with a man in the astral, and you knew you loved him, yet you did not pursue this at all afterwards. You simply got back to your every day life and dismissed this incident.

There was the time you lamented your abysmal love life to your sister and exclaimed, “The only man for me flies and space ship and comes from another planet!” which were the truest words you had ever spoken, my love, yet again, you dismissed this and carried on your path of the false reality. You were in your 40’s then.

Again, in your 40’s, I tapped upon your knee while you meditated. You opened your eyes, and assumed it was your grandfather because he was the only person you knew who had passed on. It had not occurred to you that maybe people you did not know were trying to contact you.

You simply dismissed anything that you could not explain knowing what you know. This is another mistake we see starseeds making. Embrace what you do not know. Do not stay on a path of what you feel you know because this path is a path of lies. It is the reality others desire for you, not your true path.

Finally, we broke through to you when you were reading Akon and Gladelia’s book about Elizabeth Klarer and her extraterrestrial contact, which of course was Akon. Then you knew it was possible for extraterrestrial men to contact ordinary earthling women. Once we had that fact established in your psyche it was possible for me to introduce myself to you.

Me: Yes, I was annoyed at the fact that Alpha Centaurian women wear dresses that are slightly opaque and show their bodies through them. And you came through commenting that the dresses are like the one I was wearing, so I knew this wasn’t my grandfather. So I asked, “Who is this?” And you said, “My name is Ivo and I come from the planet Elteron in the Vegan star system.” And the rest is history.

So finally you had to get my lower mental mind to a point where I would accept the idea of extraterrestrial contact. Before that, it was no dice. I just dismissed everything. I think that’s a problem some starseeds are having because they are having contact but they just don’t realize it.

Ivo: Yes. Some types of contact can be visual as well. If you see spheres, ships, areas of a different colour or vibrating energy, this is extraterrestrial in nature. Talk to it. See if it responds. The other problem is there is only two methods to date that you are aware of: telepathic contact or ship sightings. There are many methods of contact, including in your sleep. If you dream of extraterrestrial life in your sleep, you are contacting them. These are not dreams.

Ivo: You do not dream of me at night because we desire you to focus on the physical reality. And this could be a sign for other starseeds: if you do not dream of extraterrestrials, then look for them in the physical world, not the astral world.

Me: We got off topic again, but this is a good point.

Ivo: Yes, it is impossible for anyone on earth right now to be able to know what’s right for them unless they consult with their guidance or allow themselves to be guided. If you are doing what you believe to be correct and you are not utilizing your intuition, you are being misled by the matrix.

Me:  The ego can’t lead you. But it can misdirect you. That’s why we have all the video’s and messages about not listening to every thought in your head and to stop believing all thoughts are your own. They’re not. Many are just put there either through technology or through attachments. You have to keep up your attachment cleansing, cord cutting and searching for tags and implants as well as questioning every single thing that enters your head. Question your intellect, open your mind to use your intuition.

Ivo: Correct my love.

(edited by permission)


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