Gallery: This is the Finale: Let My People Go!

This is the Finale: Let My People Go!

February 11, 2022 by 

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Why me, Lord?

The truckers, the doctors, the lawyers are leading the people out of bondage.

And it’s our job, as the people who are being freed, to assist them in every way we can.

Any way you can think of. Feed the homeless. Push for housing for the homeless.

Find a way to get money to the truckers that won’t be confiscated.

Knit socks. Donate pillows. Send jerry cans. Does Fedex deliver?

Pack up your bags. Be ready to leave Egypt – not physically, but for sure mentally and emotionally.

What transforms this from a public protest into a freedom movement?

Our embracing it. Our doing whatever we can to assist and expand it – making bumper stickers, making masks with trucks on them, getting food to the truckers, whatever is close at hand.

What is happening now is much, much bigger than the Exodus. This is the Ascension. That was the beginning of the movie of freedom; this is the finale.


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