Gallery: Poof Said, Feb. 6, 2022

Poof Said, Feb. 6, 2022

February 7, 2022 by 

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Greetings and Salutations,

We can assure you that nothing has changed except for the prolonged agony that you must endure. We have asked you to be still, watchful, mindfully activated, and sensitive to the sensitivity of others.

The news this week is— there are many chaotic conditions all throughout the world, notably in China, but in Europe, down south, within the multiple cities which are not acting for the benefit of the good, and the police forces are struggling to stay the course.

People are losing faith; some are losing hope, others are letting go of their stronger defenses to take on the dreaded pandemic spikes. It does not have to be so. Steer clear of fear porn and remember that as an unvaccinated citizen you are more valuable by far than those who dutifully followed the directives by being vaccinated.

There are some sincere efforts to be well advised on ways to undo those vaccines, even though they can’t be fully neutralized. Those vaxx’s are cruel and deadly, as you have already found out. They eat away at all of the pliable systems in the body clogging up the arteries. Lymph systems are slugged worse than many others, kidneys take a hit, heart and all heart systems are under siege, along with the blood supply to the brain.

Please read up on this. You can find this online if you are willing to do the research. Many, many experts in several fields, are in harm’s way just telling the gullible public all of this has no good end. So step off that train and take care of yourselves and your loved ones if they will let you. Some won’t.

It applies to the funds because the health and livelihood of thousands, many many thousands have been crimped or savaged.

You will need these funds as soon as they can possibly be brought forth. For now, they can’t – it would not work for you if they did. Caution and safety are and always have been the issues.

Think not that these scenarios haven’t been known about long before now; for they have, they were, and with your free-will mandate on the planet nothing before now could be done. Wake up and start doing your research, all of you. Stop listening to TV and reading the headline grabbers. You waste your time

Education is the key to getting out of this scenario that you have waded into with muck up to your necks. It is just that bad. Had we told you this before now you would have checked out, ignored the cautionary tales we’ve always tried to make known, and look at Canada, look at Australia, at England, New Zealand, many many countries have sold their souls for a cup of porridge!!

Not even a pot, merely a mouthful of benefits. It is sad but read onward, leap into the alternative news sources and just take your pick. Those folks are picking up readership every hour. All will not be saved. Be prepared for that.

Bankers are uneasy about the crypto language getting stronger. Money has left the banking institutions in droves and they do not wish to dislodge any more funds than they have to. Not many legal systems are strong enough to deter or force those funds out of their hands.

That is the situation as of now. Watch the affairs in Canada and watch the way government is either dismantled or gets the top lead into full power. What is happening there is critical to everyone in the Americas. [If you] think not, then continue sitting on the sidelines waiting for yours.

That is as you likely know the bottom line— citizens are crusty, moldy, unwilling to think beyond their own ego needs and so guess who will pay? All of you are suffering as a result of losing sight of “He ain’t heavy…he’s my brother..” Bone up on what makes or keeps systems or societies healthy.(1)

It is not what you want to be hearing and dealing with these days. You are all in this together and though you may not agree with each other on philosophy or political issues, you must learn that you can not let those things divide you. That’s been their game for years: : Divide and Conquer. Have you not witnessed this over and over?

What can YOU DO? There will be something. Each has a role to play. For those you can’t reach, someone else
can. Early on it was not seen as coming down this way but few recognized the mass hypnosis/programming that has been done by TV, by foreign influences, by the implementation of Free, Free, Free!! There are no free lunches! Get that!! There are NO FREE LUNCHES.

Not even the PP funds. (2)

You and those who hang on must wake up, else the whole enchilada falls apart into nothingness. (3) We know that is not what you want to read or hear but you asked and you demand. This is the scratchy bottom of the barrels that you are now feeling. Not comfortable but not too late if you do your part.

Again? As to why do we need to say it again: visualize, normalize, dream, pray, meditate, speak truth, realign with the principles and values of family, patriots, community, be mindful, find wise teachers, and become wise yourselves. It is your salvation. YOU have been wasting your time.

We are literally on the front lines. We see it all, see the plays, much like you would play chess. Do what you have to do to barter your way, pay your way, offer services, provide care, uplift and support those who you know will follow your course of action.

To wait to be fed, washed, or cared for is one of the rungs on the ladder that could take the whole thing down. One of the highest-ranking acclaimed experts defected from North Korea. When asked what he thought brought Koreans down, he said: “The government gave things away for Free. First, it was Free health, followed by Free education, — you got Free house rent if you needed, – then they made sure you had a job, – they set up all these platforms, Free Everything !!!! People loved it!! Well. it wasn’t really free. The price of freedom is, in a word, compliance. In particular the compliance of delusion. You didn’t pay for these things with money but you still paid for it because you lost your voice, your freedoms. The day you start accepting this doctrine is the day you’re bought and paid for by the regime….”

We can not say when the funds will be dropped; we only know they will come and we want you to be around to help with the recovery.

Love and Kisses,



(1) Probably compassion, generosity, fellow feeling.

(2) Prosperity packages, coming from the St. Germaine World Trust. A program that existed some years ago, but which will bear fruit about the same time as the Reval.

(3) If we don’t become concerned for the welfare of our brothers and sisters in life, then there is no basis on which to build a new financial system after the Reval. It all fall apart.


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