Gallery: Human Race vs. New World Order

Human Race vs. New World Order

February 4, 2022 by 

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A spade

Here I am again, wanting to call a spade a spade. (1)

This is not vaxx vs. anti-vaxx. This is not people against a government policy.

This is the human race saying as plainly as can be that we want to put the New World Order out of business.

This is also not condemning people but it is condemning behavior.

We live many lives, forever journeying back to God. (2) At some point in the great circle we traverse, we’ve been the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker.

I know I have a few things in my past lives I’m not thrilled about. Connected with war, as is so often the case. I have myself to forgive.

New World Order

So this is not about lynching people. But it is about behavior. The behavior must stop.

So many assassinations – of witnesses against the Clinton Foundation, of people who got too close to the truth about the vaccines, of folks who invent water cars or are about to disclose the extraterrestrial presence.

You could say that the New World Order has now turned to assassinating the whole of the human race. The vaccines are designed to be omnicidal. (3) Go check that fact! (4)

This behavior and its planned outcomes must stop. We haven’t succeeded in stopping it yet without there being deaths.  But it isn’t our intention to hang anyone high. We just need the old sheriff to leave town peacefully. There is definitely a new marshall in town.

Wherever a center of New World Order activity exists, wherever there are businesses who work hand-in-hand with the NWO, take a band of trucking brothers and peacefully encircle it. Take it out of action. Shine the spotlight on it.

Who was it that surrounded T-Mobile when they said get the jab or get lost? Businesses have employees. Employees have to get to the business. Surround that business in trucks and take it out of business.

That’s what I’d like to see us doing.

This weekend Europe is on the move as truckers go to capital cities. On Feb. 14 they head for Brussels. Good on ya, everyone!

The people of the world are uniting and throwing off the chains of the New World Order.

No, I’m not afraid to shout it from the rooftops. I’ve had a good life! Come and get me!

Those who are with us are stronger than those who oppose us. (5)


(1) I was raised amid domestic abuse and was always told that we were not to discuss the family’s secrets. No more secrets!

(2) See The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment at

(3) See “Omnicide,” Feb. 2, 202, at

(4) In my opinion, the deep state hires and uses fact checkers in the same way they do paid agitators.  I don’t believe the fact checkers are checking facts; more that they’re attempting to discourage and close down activists. Their facts are themselves based on falsities, which they’re paid to promulgate.

(5) “And [Elisha] answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them. (2 Kings: 16.)

Very soon, we’ll meet our star brothers and sisters who won’t make themselves known until our fighting has stopped. They are the ones who have neutralized nuclear weapons, moderated the vaccines during many pandemics, kept tsunamis from being worse than they were, etc. They cannot violate our free will, even if we want to make war on each other.

They’ve helped us as much as they can with the virus and vaccine. Matthew Ward tells us:

“By divine authority, scientists in extraterrestrial special forces who reduced the potency of coronavirus-19 and prevented what the Illuminati intended, the death of billions, also erased the programming and reduced to the extent possible the viability of the tissue in the solutions. Still, many people with weakened immunity have died or experienced serious adverse effects from what is called “vaccine,” but actually is the Illuminati’s gene-altering experiment. (Matthew’s Message, June 2, 2021.)

The virus and vaccine, however, provide one avenue for some people to take who choose to leave before Ascension. People for whom the increasing light will become intolerable may choose to leave. Reduced potency does not mean no potency.

We intend to end all fighting, all wars on Earth. And we will do it. 


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