Gallery: The Freedom Convoy in Canada & Jesus on Fortitude, Letting Go of Being Right, Balancing in the Heart

The Freedom Convoy in Canada & Jesus on Fortitude, Letting Go of Being Right, Balancing in the Heart

January 29, 2022 by 

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Thousands of truckers in Canada are in convoy, converging on our capital, Ottawa, for talks with our political leaders.

Our prime minister says he is isolating for 5 days due to a Covid concern.

In the many videos posted, Canadians are lining the highways in negative temperatures, handing out food and encouragement.

I particularly like the video above because it states the purpose of the convoy is Love, Peace, Unity and at the end the host, Faylene, asks us pray for everyone – the prime minister, the media, the truckers – for healing in our nation, around the world, that humility is critical.

Humility, as we just learned from Lao Tzu is acceptance, service, non-judgement – the willingness of our being to extend our self, 
realizing that in that we are simply extending our self to All.

Fortitude, the next blessing and virtue we are studying, taught by Jesus, reminds us to return to the heart over and over, not to get caught being right:

. . . in many societies, this addiction to being right is very strong and you know that is not what fortitude speaks to.

There are times in all lives when you misstep or you turn the wrong way, or you think you turn the wrong way, and I use that work ‘think’ for it is a mental judgment that is not of love, or that you have simply wandered off your path.

Yes, of course, forgiveness comes into this in terms of your ability to forgive others, but also to forgive yourself, but what is even more critical is fortitude.

It is the ability, the stamina, the courage, the bravery to return to center, and it is the center not only of the Heart of Love of Mother/Father One, but to your center, and then to know that ‘the center’ and ‘your center’ have no differentiation, and that, my beloved friend, takes courage.

So I wanted to begin that discussion of fortitude by making this distinction, that fortitude does not always mean that you are right.

Righteousness most certainly does not mean that you are always right, but it is a passion.

It is a drive and it is such a deep sense of commitment to complete and to do what you have promised in your heart, your mind, your soul contract to do.

Being upon your planet, even as I have walked thousands of years ago, is not an easy task.

Let me play with you. . . think about it. . . I am not just human, I Am the Embodiment, the Son of the Mother/Father One.

How much easier could my journey be?

Go to Earth; tell people to Love one another; show them how to do it and practice it.

There might be some people against you and they might even be vehement and kill you, but no matter because I Am an Eternal Spirit, and I will simply return Home.

So, how hard could that be?

And I laugh with you and I cry with you because sometimes we can make light of our journey, that simple soul contract, that task that I undertook on behalf of the Mother was so difficult.

Yes, it allowed me to be the expression of Who I Was and Who I Am, but even in that there was family conflict even as a child:

Yeshua, must you be so outspoken?

Can you not simply listen to the Rabbi’s teachings instead of correcting them?

Everyone in the village thinks you are conceited and full of yourself, arrogant.

And of course I would listen to these criticisms, but I would know, I did not have thousands of years to reach people, only a handful like you.

And I was so clear on what it was that I was to do and what I wished to accomplish, not just in service to the Mother, but because it was meaningful and important in the human, worldly sense.

I could see the pain and the suffering of people, and my people, because they have forgotten about Love, and many of them had fallen into the belief system of a thundering, painful, punishing God.

So here I was with a new message trying to heal the hearts, and then to spread that message all over the world, when many did not think I should speak outside my faith.

But the faith was in One and it was available to All. . .

. . . fortitude is about staying the path; it is about endurance even when those around you nay-say.

It is about putting your head down and then having it fully erect and saying:

No, I know where I am going and I know my mission and purpose.

I know my star brothers and sisters are here.

I know our governments, our institutions, our economic systems will change and I am doing it.

I’m not merely supporting it at a distance.

Fortitude is very action oriented so I want you to know I do not admire you and honour you from afar.

This is a difficult transition.

Joyous? Yes.

Worth it?

Beyond what you know, but we would not pretend that it is easy.

I support you my friends, my brothers, my sisters, my family.

Thank you, Jesus, 
and thank you to our truckers, 
having the courage to stand for LOVE for All.

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