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Timelines are Diverging

January 26, 2022 by 

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I’d like to re-run a part of a channelling by James McConnell by you, even though it was recent.

When the rumored events come, we may see the scenario that Archangel Michael paints here happen in “fast forward.” Michael’s account is cause for great celebration even as it’s cause for sadness: The timelines are diverging.

Michael says that our best contribution is to shine our light, which is an invitation to be on the timeline we’re on.

“Archangel Michael: Timelines Are Now Diverging,” via James McConnell, January 2, 2022, at

You are preparing yourselves—to move more fully into the new higher dimension that is being formed on this planet right now, making it easier, more access to it than you have ever had before in this evolution as a collective; individuals yes, but more as a collective.

And now I want you to consider an analogy, and picture this, if you will.

Those of the collective, mankind, [are] coming to a fork in the road. As you approach that fork – going left, going right, or going straight ahead – you are unsure of which way to go. And many are veering off into the left fork. Many others are moving ahead straight.

And then there are those of you who have already taken the road to the right, for you know that that road leads to full connection with your Higher God Self, with the Cosmic Source within each and every one of you, and you have already made that choice.

There are many that are going straight, going as they have always gone, not veering off either way, following what they think is their path, and unknowingly moving forward, following the comfort zone that they have always known.

But those that are moving straight ahead also at some point will come to a fork themselves again. They will then have that choice once again, whether it is months, or years, or lifetimes ahead is up to them and their Higher Self.

And then there are those that have already veered to the left. They are the ones that will continue to be steeped in darkness, and will and have decided to not go straight or to the right.

They will continue on their path, their path that will take them away from this planet entirely. For they have chosen not to ascend, chosen not to move up into the higher vibration because they cannot withstand the higher vibration. They cannot be in that frequency. And they shy away from it, thereby moving down the path to the left. (1)

Of course, this is only an analogy. But it is something for you to consider as you contemplate the idea of timelines. For you can replace these paths now with different timelines.

The timeline to the left is the one that those of the forces of darkness have attempted to hold on to, to bring as many along as they can on that timeline, even to the point where they kill off a huge majority of the planet and continue to hold their souls to that task. (2) That, of course, is not being allowed.

The timeline, of course, that continues on straight: that is the timeline that many at this point have chosen, because they do not know; they are as yet asleep. And they have so far chosen to continue on asleep.

At some point, can they awaken? Certainly. At some point, those of you that have moved and are creating your own timeline, a timeline that leads into the fifth dimension, you are there to assist those that are moving straight….

So think of this as timelines now are beginning to diverge more and more. This is why you are noticing your families, your friends, those that are pulling away from you, pulling away from your ideas, your ideals. For they do not understand. They only understand what they know. They do not understand what is possible, as you do.

So continue to trust. Trust in yourselves. Trust in those that are mentoring you, guiding you. Trust in the plan. For it is an unbreakable plan. It cannot be stopped. And everything is leading you in a direction that continues to follow that plan.


(1) In that higher vibration, they become sluggish, irritable, decrepit. Picture Hitler at the end of his life, his left hand shaking. Hindus call this state “thamasic” or lethargic. The Divine Mother says she mercifully removes them with, in most cases, a heart attack.

(2) Only through persuasion. A soul cannot be forced, except by the constraints imposed by the setting, such as the Dark Planes vs the Higher Summerlands. So, for instance, a dictator might still have followers on the Dark Planes. See “The Astral Plane – The Dark Plane” at


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