Gallery: Agnihotra healing Fire

I have been performing Agnihotra for many years. A friend Ruby Kynast introduced me to the practice and since she passed I have continued. I was due to go to India in 2020 when 12 hours before I was to fly out, the borders were closed.

Originally I was interested in the permaculture application to improve the crops I was growing at Tamborine, but now I do it for the health benefits and improvement in lifestyle. I find it very calming when I do so in the morning at sunrise. I don’t do it every day, but when a full moon or new moon occurs or I have a teaching group or healing, then I do it. I believe it helps to balance and prepare me for the day Ahead. I dedicate it for anyone who has passed, or for a special reason, an astrological alignment, a prayer for healing.

Agnihotra is a very ancient ritual practice from The Vedas and has been practised in India for thousands of years.

Agnihotra is Taught Free of Charge

Agnihotra is taught free of charge by volunteers throughout the world. Lee and Frits Ringma operate a Homa Farm and Centre in the Hunter valley, NSW, where people can come to experience Agnihotra. They also travel out to conduct free workshops. To find out more visit:

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