Gallery: Serena: Between Life and Death with MK Ultra – Part 1/2

Serena: Between Life and Death with MK Ultra – Part 1/2

January 23, 2022 by 

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One of Serena’s guides: St. Germaine

Serena contacted me through private messages. (See 1) Her story, along with the stories of people harmed by other dark organizations, is one we seldom hear. 

What she’s willing and able to share with us has to be left up to her. She has nano-implants in her, not from vaccines, but from an unknown French military lab, part of the mind-control program, MK Ultra. Here is her next instalment in two parts (Part 2 mid-week).

When I read her account, I stopped moaning and groaning … about anything.

MK Ultra

What happened to me did not come about because of viruses or vaccines.

It came about as a result of the military program, MK ULTRA. Evil people want to enslave humanity and how to do it ? To prevent them from creating, perceiving, acting, expressing, connecting one with another, peace?

They want brain data from people via implants which they introduce into their supercomputers to make, with the help of artificial intelligence, an artificial copy of you.

I’ve met other victims and their tales have been horrible.

Definition of Psychological Torture

The United Nations through the torture rapporteur – Nils Mielzer – has discussed psychological torture, of which cybertorture is an instance.

According to article 1 of the Convention against Torture, the substantive concept of “torture” comprises, most notably, the intentional and purposeful infliction of severe pain or suffering “whether physical or mental.” It is this explicit juxtaposition of “mental” and “physical” pain or suffering which is generally referred to as the legal basis for the concept of psychological torture.

Accordingly, in human rights law, “psychological” torture is most commonly understood as referring to the infliction of “mental” pain or suffering, whereas “physical” torture is generally associated with the infliction of “physical” pain or suffering.14 …

A particular area of concern, which does not appear to have received sufficient attention, is the possible use of various forms of information and communication technology (“cybertechnology”) for the purposes of torture. (2)

The rapporteur discussed psychological torture more in the line of cyber bullying. But MK Ultra is far more sinister than that.

The rapporteur collected more than 500 victims’ testimonies from around the world, available on the website. (3)

The United States, on Oct. 21, officially recognized these crimes with the Havana Act (4) and has created a fund and a task force to support and give reparations to affected US citizens. (5)

The Aim of My Persecutors

The people terrorizing me wanted to break me by reducing my will to resist  to zero. They succeeded in creating procrastination in me. The battle which goes on, can at times be about choosing life or death. It has two aspects :

  • As a human being, I knew and know that I cannot handle all this remote torture, physiologically. Thus, if I’m being replaced or managed more and more by the interface brain/machine, what does it mean ? The first time, I realized it [Steve: Death?], I made an almost conscious attempt to resist. For days now, they succeeded in preventing me from sleeping by targeting me at night.
  • Then, they used a failed attempt at suicide to recreate a loop. They always prepare me when they’re going to do that by not allowing me to sleep for some nights beforehand. They try to trigger my nervous system programs for anger, screaming, despair, rage, etc.
  • After “cooking” you during the days, with you navigating from one dark emotion to another, they re-inject the looped program related to death. This is where I found myself three times. Death would be a relief for some people. Finding nano implants on an X-ray is difficult, so to cut them out of my life at the moment is impossible.

If I went to another country, I could shake off the French military lab and their manipulation. I’m trying to move but they’re blocking me (after all I’ve been through). I have to gather strength. They’ll do all they can to push me to the limits even if they know I’ve placed complaints before different courts and I’m being protected by the ICATOR association. (5)


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