Gallery: Judith Kusel: Awakening the Sacred Sites and Energy Centers

Judith Kusel: Awakening the Sacred Sites and Energy Centers

January 22, 2022 by 

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by Judith Kusel

The Mass Awakening and recalibration of the Sacred Sites and Energy Centers as the New Earth Rises

I am being made aware more and more of how the Ancient and Sacred Sites are being reactivated and now synchronize with the New Earth.

Many of these centers were deliberately shut down when Atlantis fell, and the Great Floods happened, and although some had later civilizations build other structures upon the original structures, they could never access the immense high technology and the knowledge and sacred energies of these places, as the Earth had by then sunk into the 3rd Dimension and humans could not access the higher dimensional states and especially what was stored in higher dimensional energy fields.

Note, that this energetic connection is not just in physical sites that we know of, but many have been carefully hidden and indeed sunk under the sea, or were deeply buried when the earth changes happened, and some were indeed sealed off, as said. Yet this extends to the Nature and Animal Kingdoms as well, and inclusive of the Elemental Kingdom, who withdrew their energies, because the Atlanteans were abusing them.

Trees are Wisdom Keepers and indeed the most Ancient Trees have keys and codes within them, which have been programmed into them for millions of years on earth, and they will now start to work intensely with humans who are ready to work with them, and indeed who are ready to transmit such knowledge and use it for the greater good of all.

The Sacred Geometries with all Trees and Plant life is now raising into the Higher dimensional states, and thus the medicinal properties of these species will indeed assist humankind to regain perfect health and vitality and longevity. Thus keep your diet and medicines natural.

Use energy healers if you need to, as well as crystals, for the crystal already carry the 5th to 7th dimensional state and are now being activated to the 9th. They too hold Sacred Geometries and Sacred Keys and Codes. They are living beings just as you are, and so are all trees, plants, flowers, animals, for all have souls. Even rocks have souls and are record keepers and co-creators. This why in Ancient Sites I visit, I will always feel the rocks and place my hands on them, for they transmit information, and energies in ways that humans have all forgotten about.

As the higher dimensional state of the 5th to 7th now are firmly anchored into the New Earth, with the 9th and 12th, already accessible to certain high caliber souls, we will find that drastic earth changes occur. Yet, know that as these energy centers wake up and indeed come into operation again, as the whole Universe has shifted into a much higher creational state, it will have a ripple effect on the Web of Light, and thus on the Earth as well. As they rise, the Old Earth grids will indeed disintegrate, as the New Earth’s Web of Light is already formed and present. This new grid is of the 5th – 12th dimensional frequency band, and indeed is a totally new creation, even surpassing that of what has been before.

Therefore earthquakes, volcanoes erupting – even dormant ones, floods, droughts, extreme temperatures, etc. will be occurring and as all now is either in a state of disintegration, or in total new birth, with the New Earth making her presence felt very powerfully now.

I was being made aware of certain sites here in Africa, as I was made aware of others around the Earth, and indeed what I see makes my heart and soul fill with joy, at the new creation and the fact that in the New Earth vibrational frequencies we will be able to access the information again, and utilize it, for the greater good, AS ONE.

Our cells and DNA have been totally renewed as we are assuming our new Adam Kadman bodies, and indeed this applies to all life forms on Earth!

We are in a huge phase of transformation and transfiguration on all fronts now, and the Earth is no different. The New Earth is indeed vibrant, alive and pulsating with new life and new beginnings, new life forms, and indeed a new Humanity!

What a time to alive on planet earth and being able to witness this!


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