Gallery: Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Your Personal Matrix

Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Your Personal Matrix

January 20, 2022 by 

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January 19, 2022, via email

We are here to honor and celebrate who you are as a multidimensional being of energy. Most earthwalkers are unconscious to their own personal energy, energy signature, or the energy surrounding them. Therefore they are unconscious of the interchange of energy that is continuously taking place between themselves and others and between themselves and their surroundings.

We want you to begin to understand that you, everyone and everything has an energy matrix, from the smallest atom to the galaxy; each connected, nested and woven together in one cosmic whole. These grids or holograms are interactive with your personal energy girds or holograms.

As you move about in your life you move through many grids and matrices. We realize that you usually do not consciously check out or sense or even read the energy flow. But that is an important skill to develop.

Once you begin to sense or feel or see the subtle vibrations, even the thought forms and emotions that create the environment you step into, you will begin to understand how these vibrations are affecting your own personal energy field as well as the effects on your physical body and the exchange of information that is taking place.

You move through these fields of energy all the time and most of the time you are totally unconscious of how they interact with your field or your personal matrix. Realize it is the matrix that holds the pattern, much like the matrix of stone holds the crystal.

Your personal matrix holds your contact with this dimension; it is the framework, the grid of energy vibrating with the memories, the experiences, and the family patterns. Your personal matrix is created from your thought forms, habits, emotions and programmed beliefs. Your energy signature or matrix will always be affected by the energy surrounding you.

Remember that emotional vibrations or frequencies are contagious. If you step into a space or matrix where there is an emotion of fear, it will certainly trigger your own personal stored fear energy. A hospital or dentist office is an example of a space where you might experience your own personal fear being triggered. Become aware of the vibration offered by the spaces or matrices you move into.

As each human begins to awaken, to become conscious and responsible, they become more aware of their personal energy field. As each human strives to enrich their awareness, to grow, to expand, their personal matrix becomes more extended, brighter as it were.

It is valuable and important to become aware of your own matrix and as we said earlier to become aware of the grids or energy fields that surround you each moment. This is a major working. This is a level of awareness that allows your conscious self a bigger playground. Allow yourself to see or sense and become sensitive to the matrices that surround you at all times.

Begin to notice the energy matrix or energy vibration that is being offered by your planet, the stars, the galaxy and the cosmic collective. Make it your intention to learn how to read, feel or hear this energy that is enveloping you. Where do you sense your connections with the global matrix. Does that feel too big, too impossible to even imagine? Where do you sense your connection with the galactic matrix? Allow yourself to investigate your own personal matrix, grid or energy field.

Become sensitive to how far this matrix extends. You will realize how interconnected you are to your planet, your community, your circle of friends and acquaintances, your spirit family and your physical family. Notice the family matrix you experience. Does this matrix trigger any limiting emotions or thoughts or does it feel expansive and accepting?

We invite you to become aware of how your personal matrix does stimulate, affect, shift and intone other fields of energy and how other matrices entrain your vibrations.

As you move about in your life be aware of each subtle shift of the flavor, the sensations, the emotional and mental offerings of the matrix of each experience. There will be a matrix at each store or activity that you will temporarily connect with, a group of people will share a common matrix created by all the combined energy fields of everyone. There will be a skill that you will develop which will allow you to read the information given by others sharing the same space together.

Far more data is exchanged between one being and another, between you and the matrix you step into. This exchange takes place during one in-breath and one out-breath. Remember throughout your day, simply say “All energy that does not belong to me I send back blessed and transformed. I call my energy back blessed and transformed.” This is a gentle yet powerful way to keep your energy field clear of the influence of others.

We invite you to consider the past week and reflect on activities, all the exchanges that took place in the stores or on the street. Gently reflect back to all the people you passed by or sat next to, realize that energy was exchanged especially the ones who made eye contact or spoke to you. Now realize that they were also affected by your matrix, your energy field, your grid.

You have the opportunity to offer a higher vibration, a more conscious vibration with each exchange and with everyone that you encounter. You have the opportunity to trigger the awakening in another by your conscious exchange without a word being spoken.

You have the opportunity to uplift and activate a sense of well-being, a sense of wholeness in the other. You have the opportunity to express acceptance and respect for the other. You can quietly in your mind simply say “I see you.” The energy of that expression will uplift the other. Remember who you are as a magnificent being and use your awareness to transform and offer expansion to all those that you meet.

When you declare “I am aware that I am aware.” When you bring your full consciousness of your matrix, your full awareness into your field, others respond from their highest understanding as well. You trigger their awareness of who they are.

When you set your intention to sense these grids and all these other matrices observe how you are responding and how others are responding to you. You begin to consciously ride these flows of energy, move through these fields of energy with delight and joy. This is the place of transformation, of miracles as you call them, of total synchronicity. Practice this. Be at peace, Beloved, the ‘team’

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