Gallery: No Issues, Judgments, or Resentments

No Issues, Judgments, or Resentments

January 19, 2022 by 

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This is about setting ourselves free, is it not?

If we want to set our world free from the deep state and every other external obstacle to Nova Earth, then I think we have to set ourselves free first. As within, so without.

Set ourselves free from what? From three of our own creations, I believe: Issues, judgments, and resentments. I’m pretty sure that would bring about a quiet mind.

Issues are disagreements that we foment within ourselves and then project onto others and the environment. (1)

I have a very large number of issues, which I see every time I walk into a supermarket or drug store.  Why are you just standing there, blocking the aisle? Why are you counting out coins while the rest of us are waiting to pay? How come this costs this here and that there?  A great deal of it is about entitlement.

These issues are a large contributor to my unrest, anxiety, fear, etc. They busy the mind.

Judgments are evaluations I’ve reached about a person, but, unlike discernment, they come from the survival-oriented ego, not the higher regions of the Self. Judgments are my way of binding the future.

Watch out for that shifty character.  Protect yourself from this devious guy. I commit myself to future action based upon the early warning system of my judgments.

Some clues about their origins in  survivalism are that they’re framed in us-against-them terms, see things as win/lose, and regard only what we can see, hear, touch, etc., as real. These paradigms will die with the old Third Dimension. The higher dimensions are replete with love, which is inimical to this line of thinking.

Resentments are the detritus, residue, or leftovers from my issues and judgments. I want to get even, seek revenge, get my own back, feeling that I’ve been on the losing side of something.

What does eliminating these obstacles to love produce? I like to think it produces a quiet mind.

As you and I have seen, a quiet mind is not a destination; it’s a launching pad. A quiet mind unto itself is neutral. Pretty unexciting.

But if our mind is truly quiet, then things can begin to happen. The present moment comes alive with bliss and happiness; we find ourselves walking through a portal into higher-dimensional experience.

I’ve experienced a quiet mind so I can vouch for dropping issues contributing to it.  In my earlier experience, and my recollection is not strong, I reached it as a result of the process of expansion that ensued after the June 6 merger.

When  I reached it again on Jan. 14, I believe it was, the experience that followed was one of higher-dimensional peace.

As a career complainer in childhood, I built a personality based on delivering complaints.  Here I  am reporting national and international issues. But I’ve reached the end of the road on the value of issues and complaints.

They stand between me and the experience of  love and peace. Now that I’ve experienced both of these divine states, I know what my complaining and issues have cost me.

My desire to have more and more love and peace in my life just grows and grows.


(1)  The paradigms we create become the birthplace of issues. An example would be what I regard as the chief paradigm of our times, sometimes called “social Darwinism:  It represents us as “separative selves struggling for survival amid seeming scarcity.”  (“Why Do We … Uhhh, I … Seem to Need to Feel Special?” November 29, 2017, at


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