Gallery: Archangel Michael: Transformation will not be Based on Blood and Mayhem

Archangel Michael: Transformation will not be Based on Blood and Mayhem

January 17, 2022 by 

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We’re being told that the Alliance is in control and allowing events to play out to awaken the masses.

At the same time we’re being furnished with stories of the execution of leading figures in the New World Order.

Michael addressed this subject in 2016 and I’d like to repost that discussion, which has never been more relevant.

“Archangel Michael on ‘Terminating’ the Cabal, Dunford, Hillary, etc.,” Oct. 1, 2016, at

Archangel Michael: We have repeatedly said, first of all, that the transformation of the planet will not be based on blood and mayhem and that is exactly what this [other] type of article is referring to and it is not taking place. That is not how the Mother’s Plan is proceeding.

Now we have said repeatedly, that those that you have deemed, judged, discerned, both as the darkest, as the most negative will also be some of your strongest supporters, strongest allies, strongest leaders as they come into the light, not only of the Mother/Father One but of who they are.

If we kill everybody off how does that remedy the situation? …

If I was to do this in the name of the Mother, what do you think her response to me would be?

Steve Beckow: I don’t know. What would her response be? I’d love to hear you describe it.

AAM: It would be disappointment, sadness that all we are doing is eradicating the body but not the energy, not the collective belief that violence and force and torture and cruelty and control are acceptable.

We can use bodies as cannon fodder but unless the belief systems that these are unacceptable methods… and this is what you are seeing in the very lightworker community is that on some level they believe it is alright to string people up to a lamppost. It is not!

If it was, we would have done it a long time ago.

Steve: Well, you said that you rounded up the cabal some time ago…

AAM: And they were put in containment…

They were penetrated and some of them are still there. Some of them are being reintegrated back into new roles, new understandings. You can think of them as being in various forms of internship. But they are positioned so that they will bring light and love in a very powerful way.

Think of it in this way. If you, whether you think of it as the visible leadership of the planet or the shadow leadership of the planet – now we are not saying that everybody has been eliminated; there are some that are being vigorously worked on, let me be very clear about that – but if you eliminate everybody in that tier then what you are doing is first of all, you are creating somewhat of a vacuum but you are also saying to the masses that it is alright.

What you’re doing is creating a situation of the French Revolution again where everyone is brought to the guillotine and you can have someone who believes in violence sitting at the head of the table. That is not acceptable.

So, your terminology might be not that many have been put in containment but that, after a quotient of light has been achieved, many are being rehabilitated.

Steve: You used the word “eliminated.” You said, “Some of them have been eliminated.” What did you mean by that word?

AAM: We do not mean killed.

Steve: What do you mean?

AAM: We mean that they have been removed from their positions of influence, power and authority.



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