Gallery: Archangel Michael: Have Faith

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by Sharon Stewart

Week 39 Message

This is Archangel Michael with a message for the Angelic Warrior Group.

Your world is heating up, literally. Volcano’s are being erupted, wars on borders are being threatened, and Taiwan is still under attack. It stands to reason that many eruptions will occur as a result of these practices, however what is required is calming.

Love goes forward at this time, violence and chaos still seeks to rule but you cannot allow it to. Keep your focus on peace and tranquility and do not allow yourself to be scared by current events. However, understand that avoiding any news of them is fear – this is flight of the fight flight and freeze response. Understand as you read news of current events that they are being conducted in order to bring peace to the people of the earth, ultimately. Have faith in this.

Yes, this is a time for faith. Humanity will go forward and transform itself in the process. You will survive and learn how to thrive. Hold that in your heart for you know it is true.

This week’s task is a simple one: to practice holding this thought within your heart. With this thought in place in your heart and mind, send out positive loving vibrations to the earth in general or any areas that you wish specifically. But hold that thought true in your heart.

I am Michael. I am the Lord, I am the voice, I am the servant of all who battle evil. Be with me now as I lead you to a glorious future along this road of much learning.

We are Legion. We are the Light. We are One.




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