Gallery: Preparing to Be Lightworker Leaders

Preparing to Be Lightworker Leaders

January 11, 2022 by 

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How do we prepare for the kind of leadership the Company of Heaven wants from us? In 2019, Commander Ashian, through Jennifer Crokaert, offered us this advice.

The question was: How do we prepare to be lightworker leaders?

Ashian: We would suggest that you search for forgiveness within; is there anyone you still need to forgive? Is there any event that you still need to reconcile yourself to in order to free yourself of energy that is bound up in that event? (1)  This would be our first suggestion.

Jennifer: And your second?

A: Our second is to come into a state of love, an attitude of love, an expression of love, as a conscious, living meditation; minute by minute, day by day.

While we emphasize this, we understand that it is hard for you to grasp the extreme importance of holding this vibration of love consistently. You, the Light holders, are about to be called upon to demonstrate love beyond the 3D boundaries of love in the coming times. (2)

By this we mean, there will be an unprecedented outpouring of sludge that has been hidden from you, which will spark others to hate, shame, pain and anger. It will be for you, the Lightholders, to stand forth in your leadership – hard earned after years of apprenticeship – to show a higher path.

Moreover, the ability to hold a consistently loving demeanour changes your light vibrational profile, meaning that the amount of energy you can assimilate in times of energetic spikes – like the Lion’s Gate – will increase significantly, gifting you with greater insight, clarity, inner peace and wisdom.

As chaotic as everything that now transpires may seem, you are all deeply loved, protected, nurtured and revered in the spirit realms; that love is soon to be made manifest and tangible in your personal lives, in your very hearts and bones.

Soon, very, very soon, you are to know the love of which we speak. In that moment, everything will make complete sense and you will be overjoyed at all that you have created and healed through your dedication and selflessness. (3)

I do know the love of which Commander Ashian speaks and I can testify that “in that moment” of being in that love, “everything will make complete sense.” This is the love that will make the world work for everyone because no one, immersed in that love, would want to harm anyone.  It is this love that will restore the world and we’re told it’s coming. (4)

Searching for forgiveness within: I think Kathleen is really onto something when she says “forgive eveything.” That must have been what Jesus did. How could he have carried on otherwise?

I’m reassured to hear that “the amount of energy you can assimilate in times of energetic spikes … will increase significantly, gifting you with greater insight, clarity, inner peace and wisdom.”  I can use all the help I can get!

“An unprecedented outpouring of sludge” is just around the corner, we’re told by the Alliance – and now here by Ashian as well.

That outpouring – the revelation of historical truth – will draw a line through our history. Before this point we may not have known; after this point we knew and everyone knows we knew.

That’s the time for lightworkers to begin to exert influence on the future direction of public discussion, political organizing, medical technology, the judicial system, and so on.

Finally, Ashian says – and I say – that is is this transformative, transfigurative, higher-dimensional love that will make all of this possible.

This is the same Lake of Immortality that Sri Ramakrishna advised us to run into, jump into, get pushed into. Just get in it, the Ocean of Love, the Lake of Immortality.


(1) See Vasanas: Preparing For Ascension by Clearing Old Issues at

(2) Ashian is pointing at higher-dimensional love when he says the love is “beyond the 3D boundaries of love.” (1) He isn’t suggesting a sexual revolution or anything exotic.

(3) “Commander Ashian ~ Light Holders Called to Demonstrate Love Beyond 3D Love,” July 16, 2019, at

(4) See The Next Milestone in Ascension at and Ring of Fire, Wave of Love at


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