Gallery: Lightworker Leadership Needs to Not Be Hierarchical

Lightworker Leadership Needs to Not Be Hierarchical

January 12, 2022 by 

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I’m looking at concepts associated with lightworker leadership. Why? Because the thought arises in me. I take that to be a nudging from Michael.

And speaking of him, in the course of researching the subject, I came across this extended discussion of the fact that our new leadership needs not to be hierarchical.

In my opinion, we’ll soon see the cabal subsiding and lightworker leadership being called for. This discussion then is offered to encourage and provide direction to lightworker leadership. It starts as a discussion of the Reval.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, May 10, 2017.

Archangel Michael: Many of those who have been the initiators of this re-calculation of currency [the Reval] have been of the military and in that there has been a certain attitude of light versus dark, good versus evil and a great degree of egoic belief systems and behaviours that, “we are in the right,” “we are the chosen people and everyone else needs to be destroyed.”

That is not the purpose of this undertaking. It is to create one community of Gaians, not a continuation of various hierarchies.

Now the work that the lightworker community has been doing [is] both actually and subtly with those within the sphere of holding currencies. Do you understand what I mean?

Steve: I think I do.

AAM: The Lightworker vision has been penetrating, as have various tsunamis, those who believe themselves to be the future leadership rather than believers in equality.

Steve: Wait a minute! Those in future positions of leadership rather than equality!

AAM: Yes.

Steve: Now, I am confused.

AAM: We thought you might be!

Think of a pool of those who have, and have been involved, in the re-evaluation process. Within that pool there are various people. A huge segment of that has been military and those who believe themselves to be the, can we say, saviors of humanity.

But they have been at a very violent bent insofar as they have said, “Death to the dark hats!” “Death to the illuminati,” “death to this, death to that; imprisonment, punishment.…” That is of the old realm.

Now, in the same pool you also have many lightworkers and loveholders and they have been holding the vision of a world, that, to use our words, sweet one, works for everybody. (1)

Because you are in the same bubble, the energy of the light worker/love holder community has not only been penetrated outwards to the rest of the planet. In that enclosed bubble it has also been penetrating those who think they are the leaders of a new way which is actually not egalitarian; they are hierarchical.

Steve: Now that is because the people have been used to a hierarchy of command, right?

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: Okay, so I am with you up to here.

AAM: So that hierarchical thinking is being softened. Now we know that leadership and stewardship is necessary but you cannot have this process go forward and have it simply replicate what has been, only with new people in charge. That will never work.

Steve: Change of faces, yes…

AAM: Yes, it is like trading hats as you would think of it. So, that has been, and is being, addressed and that is also part of what has been underway. That has need to be … adjusted in order for the completion of this exchange to go forward.

So there has been the practical, in terms of national agreements, financial agreements, etc., etc., as well as what we have called the minutiae, the practicality, the programming, the arrangements with banking systems etc.

And then there has been the spiritual component because, let us tell you, none of us, from St. Germaine to the Mother want to simply continue a system that is cruel and punishing and not egalitarian.


(1) In fact I’m not the author of the phrase “a world that works for everyone.” Authorship belongs to Werner Erhard.


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