Gallery: Judith Kusel: Intense Awakening Now

Judith Kusel: Intense Awakening Now

January 10, 2022 by 

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by Judith Kusel

I am being made aware of rapid shifts and changes as we are moving into ever higher dimensional frequency bands.

The last two weeks have appeared to me to surreal, as if I am looking at the Old Earth from afar. Being in my body, and yet not.

There is an intense awakening in souls now, which is triggering the deepest soul memory banks, not only from life on this planet but cosmic.

So many felt a deep unworthiness to serve from the heart and soul and to live their soul purpose, to stand in the truth of who they in truth are. That is now changing.

I have been told since October that I am now being called for much greater things than ever before. I understand this now in the context that life will and is changing dramatically, and that there is a cosmic call out for new, soul inspired, compassionate and loving leadership in all areas of life on planet earth as the old makes way for the new.

We, as old souls, have all the knowledge, the wisdom, the experience, to now step into those leadership roles, the old order is now vacating, and to cocreate the New Golden Age of Love and unity.

Wise, loving and compassionate leadership will find solutions, as all is addressed with wisdom and insight and which serves the greater good.

Our work will be amplified and enhanced by the new souls who were born since 1994 and who are anchoring the new technology, which will bring all life on earth into balance and harmony as fossil fuel will be replaced with earth energy within tellurgic energy fields.

Vibrant health and vitality will be the norm and longevity, without aging.

Wars will cease as peace reigns and we give each other the freedom to be.

Know all is shifting at top speed.

Indeed truly a miraculous time.


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