Gallery: Hypothesis: Love Leads to Wisdom; Wisdom Leads to Love

Hypothesis: Love Leads to Wisdom; Wisdom Leads to Love

January 6, 2022 by 

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In my more philosophical moments, when I’m doing kin hin (meditative walking) around my apartment, early in the morning, I feel reflective. At those moments I tap into a little deeper feelings and states than I would otherwise. (1)

For a brief moment this morning, I felt a state of consciousness that I can only call “wisdom.”  Just for a moment and then it was gone.

It was a feeling, plus an attitude, plus … a deep sense of self-knowledge, self-confidence, and peacefulness.

I did use the glimpse for one thing. While momentarily in that state, I asked myself what is wise? And the answer came back: “To love.”

Interesting. I’d like to play with that a bit, if you’d permit me.

Could it be that you and I are here in a self-reinforcing round of life in which love leads to wisdom and wisdom leads to love?

Just in writing that, my state of consciousness deepened. I remember: The truth will set you free. If I feel release after saying something, chances are it was a truthful statement. My insides mirror back to me by releasing some inner tension.

There’s no sense enquiring into the why’s of this truth. It is as it is. Or more correctly it is as the Mother has designed it to be.


Wisdom is a state of being, a consciousness state. It’s more than a mere energy streamer. (2)

I love sampling the divine states and reflecting on the fact that soon we’ll be living in them, permanently.

I’m more interested in them than I am in anything happening in Washington, London, or Rome. The rewards I get from an enquiry into them – love, bliss, and ecstasy – are worth more to me than money or what money can buy.

This lockdown has shown me that I’m very much a homebody and have no need to travel or indulge in anything I can think of. It isn’t that I’m in self-denial. The hunger for them falls away at some point.

I have a job to do that involves in part reporting on the external world, but that’s what I see as my duty.This inner realm is really where I live.


(1) You have been going back and forth throughout your life now. Sometimes in the third-dimensional expression, sometimes in 4D, sometimes in 5D. Whenever you feel joy and ecstasy, your vibration is high. You are in the higher fourth, and even fifth-dimensional expression. (James McConnell in “21.08.22 – VERY SOON THE DAM SHALL BURST,” at

(2) Here is Matthew on energy streamers:

“Energy is neutral. It is the thought forms that get attached to energy streamers that are positive—with light—or negative—without light. The forms are created by every being’s thoughts, feelings and actions, and collectively those determine a civilization’s density, or spiritual and conscious evolvement status.

“That is one universal definition of density; the other is mass or the location of a mass, and the two don’t necessarily go together. That is why Earth, a fifth density soul spiritually and consciously, can be in the initial stages of fourth density location-wise and most of her people are at third density in evolvement status. Animals and plants are absorbing more light than most of humankind; at this moment, the light in people varies from brilliant to just enough to keep bodies alive.” (Matthew’s Message, Aug. 3, 2014.)


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