Gallery: Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Excerpt from the 2022 Message

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Excerpt from the 2022 Message

January 7, 2022 by 

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Global consciousness shift

January 6, 2022.

Shelley’s Note: I’m so happy to announce that I have a full length channel on 2022 that is soon to be released! I think this is a wonderful sign about where we are going, as I didn’t receive one at all for 2020 or 2021. This is an excerpt from it that I found very interesting…hope you enjoy it!

One of the things that has been disconcerting to many is the emergence of so many vast and varied conspiracy theories. What we want you to understand is that this is actually a sign of expansion, and that masses of people are waking up. It indicates that people are starting to question beyond the 3D reality right in front of them, and that is a positive thing. They are beginning to explore many different potentials and possibilities.

This is leading people to develop the skill of discernment. And let us assure you that any conspiracy theory that is not based on truth or empowerment will ultimately show itself to have many holes in it ~ holes that will only get bigger and bigger until the believers realize it is not taking them where they wish to go. This can be a difficult realization, but it is a necessary one in the honing of discernment. It can also be a pivotal step in people discovering their own truth and wisdom.

One of the most important things you can do as you enter into the energies of the new is to create a space of safety and understanding that allows others to change their minds. Many have been very vocal and emotionally invested in their beliefs, and the realization that those beliefs do not serve them can be very painful and deeply triggering. It is also important to allow your own truths to shift along with your own evolution.

The unfoldment of everyone’s journey has been the continual replacement of old beliefs with new ones. Hold the energy of grace for those who may be feeling disillusioned and are struggling to find new beliefs that better match them and where they truly wish to go. This is a part of evolution you all go through.

Be kind and gentle with others as they go through that process of discovery, as it can be a difficult, yet necessary part of the journey. Your understanding and compassion can make all the difference in the world to someone who is in the throes of trying to find their own truth.


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