Gallery: Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Open to What Makes Your Soul Sing

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young ~ Open to What Makes Your Soul Sing

January 2, 2022 by 

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January 1, 2021,

What does freedom, what does soul expansion, what does joyful self expression look like to you?

An even better question might be what do they feel like to you, because these are some of the core traits of 2022 and beyond. You don’t need to know the exact details you just have to be open to the discovery of your truest matches that make your soul sing.

That is how you allow the full potential of unfoldment and open to receive the gifts it holds for you. The universe has been excitedly waiting to watch you open those presents! As you step up into the energies of the new year, if you simply commit to allowing your life to get as big and beautiful as it wants to be, you will be setting yourself up for the most marvelous new experiences and brand new levels of attainment.

You are fully supported in stepping into your fullest, ever-unfolding, glorious expression of self, so embrace the wonder of where you have arrived and all the up-leveling that is now possible for you.


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